Acne Studios, the Iconic Swedish Cult Label, Makes Waves in Singapore With Its First Standalone Store

Acne Studios Flagship
Acne Studios Flagship at Marina Bay Sands

Acne Studios, the iconic Swedish cult label, has finally made its long-awaited debut in Singapore. Since its inception three decades ago, the company has grown by leaps and bounds to become the world’s prominent luxury Scandinavian fashion label. Its success is truly remarkable and reminiscent of the American dream. Small town Jonny Johansson relocated from the north of Sweden to the city. Then, he met a group of friends, and together they co-founded the company with only €10,000.

Last week, the brand celebrated its foray into the Republic with a star-studded dinner. While the evening was great publicity for the company, it also marked a new chapter in the brand expansion and its influence over Singapore’s discerning fashion community.

For many, Acne Studios is one of the most underrated and sought-after Swedish cult brands. It started in 1993 as Johansson’s graphic design, film, production, and advertising firm based in Stockholm. However, in 1996, Johansson released 100 perfect pairs of five-pocket raw-denim jeans that kickstarted the company’s fashion division.

With over 50 stores worldwide and counting, the company has since expanded to a full range of clothing, footwear, and accessories. It has, inadvertently, become the go-to destination for fashion-conscious individuals seeking unique and quality designs.

Acne Studios’ flagship store at Marina Bay Sands is truly a sight to behold.
Max Lamb custom design
Max Lamb added his signature touch with organic and irregular shapes of the seating, referencing the unexpected quality of Acne Studios’ silhouettes from the SS23 collection.

Located prominently opposite the canal, the modern-looking store at Marina Bay Sands is imagined by the Swedish design studio Halleröd in collaboration with Acne Studios. Contemporary craftsmanship paired with designer furnishings transformed the space into a luxurious gallery-like store. Halleröd describes it as a “minimalist tech aesthetic”.

The store’s windows are a visual treat, featuring a hollow wall filled with bundles of matching fabrics.

Acne Studio at Marina Bay Sands
Acne Studios’ flagship store in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands

Among the list of famed designers, Max Lamb, a furniture designer and long-time collaborator, also added his signature touch. His organic and irregular seating shapes are inspired by the silhouettes from the latest collection. Available now in-store is a range of iconic Musubi bags, a must-have accessory for any fan.