Apple Unveils Vision Pro: The Most Revolutionary Product Since the iPhone?

Announced during WWDC23, this game changing AR headset rewrites the playbook on tech.

I stayed up last night, eyes glued to the screen, anticipation hanging in the air like electricity before a thunderstorm. It was WWDC23, and boy, did Apple have something up its sleeve. When Tim Cook pulled a Steve Jobs and said, “one more thing,” I swear, my heart skipped a beat. It was a moment that transported many of us back to the days of Steve Jobs. He announced the launch of the Apple Vision Pro. The excitement in the air was palpable.

Tim Cook pulled off a Steve Jobs at WWDC23

The unveiling of Apple’s latest brainchild – the Vision Pro – was nothing less than a spectacle. A game changer? Understatement of the century. This is the sort of innovation that makes you rethink everything you thought you knew about tech.

I think the Vision Pro is the first AR gadget that just doesn’t feel silly or gimmicky. Here are some features that would find a practical place in our daily lives:

A New Era of Computing

The Apple Vision Pro is not just a product; it’s a whole new computing experience that uses your eyes, hands, and voice as inputs. It’s like stepping into a sci-fi movie. It tracks your iris and uses your hands for gesture control without the need for additional accessories.

Infinite Canvas for Apps

Imagine having unlimited screen space. No more juggling between apps or running out of screen space during a work presentation. And if you’ve got a Magic Keyboard or Magic Trackpad, you can even bring the power of your Mac into your Vision Pro wirelessly.

Immersive Entertainment

The Apple Vision Pro can turn any space into your personal movie theatre, with a screen that feels 100 feet wide and advanced Spatial Audio. With Vision Pro, your living room becomes a personal IMAX. You can even game in a space as large as you want, which is just… wow.

Dynamic Environments

With Environments, your world can grow beyond the dimensions of a physical room. Busy office? No worries, just twist the Digital Crown and be transported to a serene beach or a tranquil forest.

Apple Vision Pro

Bringing Memories to Life

The Vision Pro features Apple’s first three-dimensional camera that lets you capture Spatio-Temporal Memories and relive memories with Spatial Audio. It’s like having a time machine on your face.

Apple Vision Pro

Spatial FaceTime

FaceTime calls will now feel more immersive than ever. See your friends and family in life-size tiles with Spatial Audio, making it feel like you’re in the same room. And you appear as a Persona – a digital representation of yourself that mimics your face and hand movements in real-time. It scans your face to create a 3D avatar of yourself so you don’t appear with the headset in video calls. And yes, I screamed when they unveiled this feature.

Ultra High Resolution 4K Display

With over 23 million pixels in its OLED display, the Vision Pro promises one of the best screens available in a VR headset. Most of the capabilities in the presentation were simulated so this is one feature we have to see in real life to see if it lives up to its promises.

Apple Vision Pro

Human First Design

Last, but not least, I am pleased that Apple has approached the design of the Vision Pro by thinking of human interaction as a priority. Named “EyeSight”, the Vision Pro simulates your real eye movements so that you can still interact with the physical world naturally. Your friends or family can tell if you’re looking at them. This is a feature that only Apple would come up with, it’s doesn’t add a new capability to the product but instead was created for the sole purpose of integrating headset use with day-to-day life. Thank you, Apple.

Should I Buy The Apple Vision Pro?

Apple has clearly poured years into developing Vision Pro, and it shows. It’s not just another tech gadget; it’s a whole new way to interact with the digital world. This isn’t the rushed, half-baked AR that other companies have attempted. It’s a polished, sophisticated product that feels like it’s going to be an integral part of our everyday life.

It’s not just about creating a new product; it’s about creating a new way of interacting with the world. I think the Vision Pro seems to be the first AR headset that I can easily integrate with my lifestyle whether it’s for work, entertainment or communication.

Final Thoughts

Vision Pro is not just another product from Apple. It’s a portal to a new reality, one where the digital and physical worlds blend seamlessly. It’s a testament to Apple’s relentless pursuit of innovation and its ability to redefine our relationship with technology. As Tim Cook said, just like how the Mac introduced us to personal computing, and the iPhone to mobile computing, the Vision Pro introduces us to spatial computing. It’s a significant leap forward in technology, and I am eager to see how it will transform our everyday lives.

Is it the most revolutionary product since the iPhone? Only time will tell. But as of now, it certainly feels like it. If Apple can deliver on its promises, we may be on the brink of another technological revolution, and I, for one, can’t wait to be a part of it.

While we look forward to its release in Singapore, the Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499 USD (approx $4,799 SGD), and will be available early next year on and at Apple Store locations in the U.S., with more countries coming later next year.