Bridging the Gender Exercise Gap: ASICS Takes the Lead with Its Inaugural Regional Women’s Retreat

Women exercise substantially less than males on average, missing out on the myriad mental benefits linked with regular physical activity.

The Japanese sportswear giant has taken an important step towards closing the gender exercise gap by conducting its first ASICS Regional Women’s Retreat at Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park’s picturesque Hotel Labaris. This four-day event underscores the positive mental benefits of regular physical activity for women. It’s also responding to the findings from the ASICS State of Mind Index in 2022, which brought to light a significant disparity between men and women in terms of exercise engagement.

ASICS Regional Women's Retreat

Understanding the Gender Exercise Gap

The ASICS State of Mind Index findings, among others, revealed an alarming gender exercise discrepancy. Women exercise substantially less than males on average, missing out on the myriad mental benefits linked with regular physical activity. Inequality in exercise is a serious problem. Several studies have also identified differences in physical activity between men and women, with women being less likely to get enough exercise than their male counterparts. This disparity affects not only women’s physical health but also their mental health and general empowerment. The reasons for the gender gap in exercise are complex, involving a mix of societal attitudes, the gendered design of active environments, and even probable physiological variations between men and women. This revelation served as the catalyst for ASICS Asia’s commitment to understanding and addressing this issue head-on.

A Diverse Gathering for a Shared Mission

To begin, ASICS Asia assembled a diverse group of over 30 participants, representing various nationalities, ethnicities, and body types, to embark on a four-day journey focused on championing the transformative power of movement for a sound mind and body. This diversity also aimed to reflect the broad spectrum of women’s experiences and challenges with exercise.

Empowering Through Discussion

To connect directly with participants, the retreat takes them on a meaningful journey that acknowledges the challenges that contribute to the gender exercise divide. Dr Dee Dlugonski and Fiona Berwick lead private groups where stories of resilience unfold. Pledge not just to investigate impediments, but also to empower one another to overcome them.

Forging Paths to Equilibrium

The retreat unveils a holistic tapestry, weaving together mind and body. Begin your odyssey with a spirited sunrise run, igniting the spirit of physical vitality. Join ASICS Athlete Natalie Dau and brand ambassador Taya Rogers on a voyage that aligns exercise with the rhythms of life. Dive into dynamic strength and core training sessions under the guidance of Jeong Yun Lim, symbolizing the transformative potential of every move.

ASICS Regional Women's Retreat

Nurturing The Inner Harmony

This retreat goes beyond the physical and into the realm of mental well-being. Pearlyn of Transmission Wellness led the participants through soul-soothing sound therapy, meditation, and introspective journaling. These sessions nourish not only the body but also the mind. Recognizing that the gender exercise divide carries weighty implications. Women are often less inclined to partake in exercise, which impacts their physical and mental health. However, exercise isn’t just a tool for fitness; it’s a balm for mental well-being, bone health, and overall vitality. Bridging the gender exercise gap is also about preserving your health legacy.

ASICS AW23 Collection Celebrates Authenticity

ASICS also offers you the opportunity to experience its latest collections for AW23: NAGINOTM and ACTIBREEZETM. NAGINOTM, designed by women for women, celebrates the diversity of women’s bodies and their unique movement styles. Complementing this, the ACTIBREEZETM collection provides breathability, comfort, and style, allowing you to be your authentic self during physical activities.

Empowerment Through Unity

In the words of Dr. Dee Dlugonski, the retreat’s diverse tapestry weaves stories of empowerment, underscoring the transformative power of community. Fiona Berwick reaffirms ASICS’ unwavering commitment to closing the gender exercise gap and forging a more inclusive fitness terrain. You possess the power to influence change in the exercise landscape. Share your insights through the ASICS Move Every Mind survey. By doing so, you add your voice to the chorus striving to dismantle the barriers women face on their fitness journeys. Empower yourself, empower others, and be the change.

ASICS Asia’s Regional Women’s Retreat is more than just an event. It’s also a catalyst for change. As we navigate the landscape of the gender exercise gap, ASICS empowers women like you to rewrite their exercise narratives. Celebrating the success of this retreat, driven by individuals like you, and painting a brighter, more equitable future in the world of fitness.