Why Diversity Matters: Women Framing Photography Narratives

Dive into the kaleidoscope of women's perspectives at Leica's Celebration of Photography, where 'Her Lens, Her Narrative' transforms frames into a powerful testament of diversity, creativity, and the untold stories that redefine the very essence of visual storytelling.

In the history of photojournalism, a narrative predominantly shaped by masculine hands, women have persistently carved their mark on an industry that has traditionally been a male-dominated field. As the aperture of time widens, so do the frames of photography. It has become more diverse, echoing the narratives of remarkable women who have persistently shaped the industry. It is also within this evolving narrative that Leica’s Celebration of Photography in Singapore, titled ‘Her Lens, Her Narrative,’ emerges. This event is not just an exhibition but a deliberate and conscious effort to recognize and amplify the often-overlooked voices of women in photography.

Recognizing Unseen Narratives

So, what can you expect to see at the showcase? Amidst the stunning photography are captivating stories, emotions, and viewpoints that women bring to the canvas of visual storytelling. As you navigate the exhibition, immerse yourself in the diverse narratives captured by five exceptional female photographers. It’s a journey that transcends borders, breaking conventional moulds that may have confined women within the frame, yet it falls short of encapsulating the full breadth of their vision.

Celebration of Photography

A World Unveiled Through Women’s Eyes

From the intricate details revealed by Michele Fong’s macro photography to Teresa Qin’s lens painting the canvas of global landscapes, ‘Her Lens, Her Narrative’ isn’t merely a celebration of women, but a revelry in the kaleidoscope of perspectives they bring. In addition to the stunning images, these lenses also narrate tales of adventure, conflict, and sentiment, echoing the heartbeat of humanity.

Diving into the diverse narratives captured by these lenses, the exhibition features the compelling works of five photographers from diverse backgrounds, including Singaporean talents Rebecca Toh and Michele Fong, alongside international artists Daria Troitskaia, Nicole Tung, and Teresa Qin. Each photographer brings a unique voice, their lenses capturing narratives that traverse the globe – from the bustling streets of Singapore to the distant landscapes of Russia and Shanghai.

Teresa Qin’s photography, rooted in travel and the portrayal of people and places, resonates internationally, earning her recognition from Leica Fotografie International. Meanwhile, Nicole Tung, with a focus on social and conflict-related issues, freelances for international publications and NGOs. Daria Troitskaia, a fine art and aerial photographer, presents work defined by continuous movement and a unique perspective. As for Singaporean photographers Rebecca Toh and Michele Fong, their cinematic qualities and intricate details amplify the diversity within women’s perspectives.

According to Sunil Kaul, Managing Director of Leica Camera Asia Pacific, this showcase articulates the brand’s commitment to championing and uplifting female photographers globally. It’s not just an exhibition; more importantly, it stands as a testament to Leica’s resolve to shatter the lens ceiling. It also allows the world to witness the distinctive grace, creativity, and discerning eyes that women bring to the art of photography.

Honouring Legacy, Shaping The Future

The Celebration of Photography doesn’t exist in isolation. It’s a continuum that pays homage to the legacy of Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt, recipient of the Leica Hall of Fame Award 2023. As we traverse the frames of the exhibition, we connect the past, present, and future of visual storytelling while witnessing the timeless impact of women in photography.

Celebration of Photography

Leica’s Celebration of Photography is an invitation to ponder the narratives that have often been overlooked, hidden behind the dominance of male perspectives. It’s also an exploration of the power of women’s voices to shape, redefine, and expand the horizons of an industry that is evolving beyond its traditional boundaries. Visit the ION Art Gallery between 18th to 26th November 2023 and witness the unfiltered, untold stories that emerge when women grasp the lens, shattering not just glass ceilings but redefining the very essence of visual storytelling.

For more details and to register for free entry, visit Leica’s official website.