What It’s Like Growing Up Queer in Singapore

Five individuals share their stories of bullying, expulsion, and navigating a system that excludes queerness.

Produced in collaboration with smol, we spoke to 5 queer individuals about their experiences growing up in Singapore’s education system. Cayes, Kane, Han, Pew, and Izzy/Vanda Miss Joaquim bravely share on topics such as bullying, navigating society’s rules, and how it’s shaped them into the people they are today. These stories serve as a timely reminder of the long journey towards progress and equality, especially in the school system where most of us spend our formative years.

I feel like everything was black or white. Everything was female or male. Everything was fail or pass.

Han Yi

Despite higher visibility of LGBTQIA+ issues and representation in the media, academic institutions continue to uphold gendered traditions that alienate youths who do not conform to them. This video calls on educators and allies to reflect on how we can make schools a safer, more inclusive place for our more vulnerable students.

 It’s a chicken or egg thing, right? You need to change the education system to change society.


If you or someone you know is in need of LGBTQ-affirming peer support or counselling services, reach out to Transbefrienders or Oogachaga.