Is Simplicity the Ultimate Sophistication? Hermès’ Home Collection Proves that Basic Forms Can Be Transformed into Exceptional and Striking Pieces at Milan Design Week

The allure of design lies in its diverse and multifaceted nature, which can be both elaborate and minimalistic.

Hermès’ Home Collection at Milan Design Week showcased the power of simplicity in design. The event presented stunning furniture pieces that captured the essence of simplicity and maintained Hermès’ timeless elegance. Each piece embodied strength and clarity by removing unnecessary elements.

Hermès' Home Collection


The collection drew inspiration from archaism, natural vigour, and minimalism to express a powerful sense of simplicity. The event’s staging shunned excess, highlighting organic materials such as bronze, glass, wood, and leather in their most elemental manifestations. The use of blown glass, traditional upholstery, and hand embroidery added to the allure of each piece.

Hermès' Home Collection


From a structured armchair in leather and wood to a revisited 1930s chair and a sofa, the furniture pieces were minimalist yet highly impactful. The smallest details, such as minimalist lamps made from blown glass and rugs with ultra-graphic motifs, were crafted with exceptional attention to detail.

Hermès' Home Collection

Hermès’ Home Collection: CONTOUR D’HERMÈS Sofa

The muted colours of the collection served as a pretext for motifs that paid tribute to Hermès’ heritage. Equestrian references appeared on porcelain breakfast service with cheerful lines, as well as on rugs and blankets bursting with an imaginative flair.

Hermès' Home Collection

SAUT HERMÈS Porcelain tableware

Hermès’ home collection exemplifies the power of simplicity in design. It shows that basic forms can be transformed into exceptional and striking pieces thanks to expert craftsmanship. Hermès has once again proven itself to be at the forefront of innovation and creativity in the world of design.