Step into a World of Creativity Where Nigo and Verdy Redefine Your Holiday Style

Embark on a style journey this holiday season as Nigo and Verdy invite you to elevate your wardrobe with a genderless collection, blending artistry and inclusivity for a fashion-forward and personally empowering statement.

When it comes to creative camaraderie, the inseparable duo, Nigo and Verdy, made waves earlier this year with successful collaborations including Human Made and Girls Don’t Cry. Their creative synergy even led to the opening of a concept store at Otsumo Plaza. Now, the anticipation builds as this dynamic duo unites once again to unveil a special capsule for the Kenzo x Verdy Holiday Season Collection.

Kenzo x Verdy Holiday

Verdy’s Artistic Trajectory

Verdy’s style isn’t just a mix of designs; it’s also a language that resonates with cultural fusion, rebellion, and passion. Recognized for projects like Girls Don’t Cry, Wasted Youth, and for creating the iconic panda-rabbit character, Vick, Verdy’s journey blends Japanese and Western streetwear.

Influenced by the free-spirited beat of skateboarding, Verdy’s creative canvas extends beyond the conventional boundaries of fashion. Additionally, the cadence of hip-hop also serves as another influential source for him. His impact reaches globally through collaborations with Nike, Instagram, and Coachella. Now, taking on the role of artistic director for Blackpink’s summer tour, Born Pink, Verdy showcases his influence on a global scale.

Exploring Kenzo x Verdy Collection

As we dive into the collaboration, the menswear collection takes the spotlight. Some of the highlights include a short black windbreaker with an allover white logo that pairs seamlessly with a navy knitted jumper and vest. Like a varsity black and white cardigan with ‘KP’ on the chest and ‘Kenzo Paris’ across the back, Jersey pieces exude a streetwise charm. The ensemble is completed with oversized T-shirts in black or white, featuring maximalist logos in red or white.

Kenzo x Verdy Holiday

For women, elegance meets rebellion in a navy knitted jumper, cardigan, and skirt gracefully displaying the ‘KENZO Paris’ allover logo. Meanwhile, the jersey line introduces a pink polo dress and an off-white cropped hoodie, both adorned with the ‘KENZO Paris’ logo. Crop tops in black, white, and pink, along with loose T-shirts in various hues, showcase the macro logo across the chest. The collection concludes with black and pink sweatshirts and a classic varsity cardigan in off-white with a red logo.

Genderless Collection Inclusivity

In addition to their creative ventures, the collaboration breaks away from traditional fashion norms, proudly introducing a genderless selection. Among them is a black hoodie with a white maxi front logo and an off-white variant featuring a red logo, redefining versatile comfort. Further embracing a gender-neutral aesthetic, the navy knitted cardigan boldly bears the all-over ‘KENZO Paris’ logo in white and blue. Extending this inclusivity, the leather motorcycle jacket and Varsity jacket both feature maxi logos (’18 Rue Vivienne’ and ‘KP’ on the chest, ‘Kenzo Paris’ across the back), enriching the genderless wardrobe. The jersey section also expands the range with hoodies, jogging pants, and oversized T-shirts, available in combinations of white with an allover red logo or black with a white logo, ensuring inclusivity in every piece.

Kenzo x Verdy Holiday

Kenzo x Verdy Collection: A Confluence of Artistic Visions

So, who is Verdy? His eclectic portfolio serves as a harmonious blend of Japanese and Western streetwear, drawing inspiration from skateboarding, hip-hop, manga, and anime. As you explore these curated pieces, envision the artistic conversation that unfolded between Nigo and Verdy, shaping each garment with a story to tell. This holiday season, immerse yourself in the synergy of their artistic minds and let the Kenzo x Verdy Holiday Season collection redefine your language of style and celebration.