Framing the Future with Gentle Monster x Maison Margiela Latest Collection

Embark on a sartorial journey with Gentle Monster, the visionary eyewear brand that has transcended its origins to become a global icon.

Since its establishment in 2011, Gentle Monster has transformed from a modest eyewear brand into a global sensation. This South Korean company is a trailblazer, redefining our perception of avant-garde design. It captivates international audiences with innovative designs, a commitment to premium quality, and an unmistakable touch of creativity. But Gentle Monster doesn’t stop there. It goes beyond conventional boundaries by collaborating with leading brands, introducing an exciting range of limited-edition frames that sparks unprecedented buzz in the eyewear scene. It has not only established itself as a cult brand but as a category unto itself. This week, Gentle Monster unveils its latest chapter—a narrative intricately woven in partnership with the enigmatic Maison Margiela Paris. Join us on this riveting journey as we explore the groundbreaking collaboration marking the second act of Maison Margiela x Gentle Monster.

Unveiling a Fusion of Innovation and Craftsmanship

Gentle Monster and Maison Margiela first joined forces last spring, creating an inaugural collection that blended their distinct aesthetic codes. The success of this collaboration has led to the announcement of a new chapter, featuring 17 models that redefine eyewear as a fusion of innovation and craftsmanship. The collection introduces temple-less designs, artisanal leather-wrapped frames, and the iconic four white stitches—a hallmark of Maison Margiela’s collaborative pieces.

Artisanal Leather Frames Steal the Spotlight

In the Maison Margiela x Gentle Monster: Redefining Eyewear design collection, the spotlight distinctly focuses on statement pieces. These showcase innovative designs embodying the extraordinary attention to detail synonymous with Maison Margiela’s unique approach. But that’s not all— the seamless integration of new temple-less designs, artisanal leather-wrapped frames, and the iconic four white stitches takes the collection to a new level. This limited edition series includes 17 designs, each reflecting a creative dialogue fostered by the shared experimental artisanal values of Gentle Monster and Maison Margiela.

A Journey Through Time and Style

Captured by the lens of Jordan Hemingway, the campaign transports the eyewear into a hyper-realistic, dream-like setting. It drew inspiration from the time-transcendent transatlantic voyage, aligning with the narrative of Maison Margiela’s Co-Ed Spring-Summer 2024 Collection. The images also create a visual dialogue, inviting viewers on a journey through time, style, and the avant-garde.

Avant-Garde Pop-ups and Performances

Scheduled for launch on March 7th, the genderless eyewear line accompanies five activation spaces worldwide. These avant-garde pop-ups, set in futuristic spaces, vividly express the shared identities of Gentle Monster and Maison Margiela. In addition, there’ll be performances, featuring a captivating interplay between a robot and a human, blurring boundaries through nuanced gestures, and infusing emotion into the showcase.

Expression of Genderless Ethos

The collection, comprising ten sunglasses and seven spectacle designs, embraces a genderless ethos. Acetate frames in signature colourways, including black, white, grey, cream, transparent, and tortoiseshell, cater to diverse tastes. Meanwhile, leather-framed editions in black, ivory, khaki, and blue nuances provide additional options for those seeking a touch of luxury.

For those eager to embrace this fusion of innovation and craftsmanship, the collection will be available on March 7th, 2024, at ION and Marina Bay Sands. This limited-time offering invites fashion enthusiasts to explore the boundaries of eyewear, resonating with Maison Margiela’s commitment to nonconformity and Gentle Monster’s philosophy of luxury experimentation.

Maison Margiela and Gentle Monster seamlessly weave together their distinct codes, offering a collection that transcends the ordinary. From avant-garde pop-ups to handcrafted leather frames, each element is a testament to their commitment to uncompromising creativity and authenticity. So, mark your calendars for March 7th, and step into a world where eyewear becomes a canvas for innovation and artistry.