Chinese Hearthrob Eddie Peng is now the face of Martell Noblige

Breaking Boundaries with Martell Noblige: A Celebration of Over Three Centuries of Savoir-Faire and Innovation

The world of cognac just got a whole lot sexier, thanks to Maison Martell’s latest move. The oldest of the great cognac houses appointed the dashing Eddie Peng as the new global spokesperson for Martell Noblige. This patnership commemorates the release of the redesigned Martell Noblige bottle, which embodies the brand’s audacious spirit with the slogan “Soar Beyond the Expected.”

Martell Noblige
Eddie Peng as the new global spokesperson for Martell Noblige.

The Leap

To celebrate his appointment, Martell released a short film called The Leap, featuring Peng and directed by Wing Shya. Wing Shya is an internationally renowned artist, photographer, and film director who has previously worked with Wong Kar-Wai. The film depicts how Peng strived to overcome obstacles in his career and life to soar to new heights. It also aims to inspire the new generation of cognac lovers, encouraging them to continue striving and aiming high.

Elsewhere, Maretell has also announced its first three-dimensional (3D) Out-of-Home advertisement showcasing the global icon at the large outdoor digital screen at The Heeren along Orchard Road from March 2023. The advertisement features Peng leaping into the vision of passersby along Orchard Road, inviting audiences to join him for a taste of brown exilir before taking the first step with him to soar beyond the expected. This is the first time a spirits brand is taking over the space at The Heeren with naked-eye 3D, a new technology that allows viewers to view “3D images” without needing to wear 3D glasses.

Eddie and Martell both shared an insatiable appetite for self-improvement, growth and surpassing oneself and going beyond the expected. The charismatic actor seeks to be much more than the silver screen’s most recognizable heartthrob and strives towards perfecting his acting skills at every opportunity. Eddie’s love of embracing the unknown in life pushes him to continuously realize his full potential and reach even greater heights. In the short film for Martell Noblige, Eddie ignores the naysayers and detractors as he follows his heart on his way to success.

The Martell Noblige

As one of Martell’s star products, the Martell Noblige blend comprises a minimum of 100 eaux-de-vie from the finest terroirs in the Cognac region and boasts a delicate taste that showcases Maison’s focus on exceptional quality. Since its debut in the 1980s, the cognac has been a celebration of over three centuries of savoir-faire and innovation. Today, with its new image, Martell Noblige aspires to be a rallying cry calling the young generation to be audacious, break boundaries, and redefine convention.

The Martell Swift Party

Meanwhile in Singapore, Martell threw a star-studded party to celebrate the launch of the revamped Martell Noblige bottle. The event also showcased the latest from the Martell x Amos Ananda streetwear collection. It was a night filled with secret rooms, exclusive Martell Noblige collaborations, and electric performances. Award-winning bartender Peter Chua of Night Hawk, coffee experts from local favourite Five Oars Coffee Roasters, and an experimental cocktail bar also presented unique Martell Noblige & Coffee concoctions to mark the occasion. The evening also included performances by Gen Neo, DJ Farah Farz, and DJ Inquisitive.

Martell Noblige & Coffee concoctions.