Stepping into Summer with Style: New Onitsuka Tiger Slides Make a Cool Comeback

Time embrace comfort and elevate your style with the new Onitsuka Tiger Slides.

With scorching temperatures and humidity that never lets up, the last thing you want on your feet are heavy sneakers. This season, ditch the bulky footwear and embrace the laid-back comfort of the new Onitsuka Tiger Slides. Onitsuka Tiger, the iconic Japanese brand, has unveiled a fresh collection of slides that are perfect for kicking back and enjoying the warm weather in style.

new Onitsuka Tiger Slides

Beyond the Basics: Slides as a Statement Piece

Slides haven’t always been considered fashionable. Often relegated to poolside lounging or post-workout wear, they lacked the panache to be a true statement piece. But Onitsuka Tiger is changing the game. With its new line of slides boasting a vibrant blend of classic silhouettes and modern design elements, it’s making them a versatile addition to any summer wardrobe.

Crafted Comfort Meets Modern Design: The TIGER WARAJI

The TIGER WARAJI, a standout addition to Onitsuka Tiger’s summer collection, perfectly exemplifies their dedication to innovation that transcends aesthetics. This slide reimagines the classic Japanese footwear of the same name with a modern twist.

new Onitsuka Tiger Slides

Luxury or Leather? The Choice is Yours

Onitsuka Tiger offers the TIGER WARAJI in two distinct finishes, catering to different preferences. Indulge in the luxurious feel of the Japanese velvet option, boasting a soft texture and subtle sheen. For those seeking a classic look, the smooth leather provides a similar level of comfort. Both options serve as a stylish canvas for a variety of colours. The velvet version comes in a vibrant range of Black, Fellow Yellow, Spruce Green, and Mantle Green, while the leather TIGER WARAJI offers a timeless look in sleek black.

Comfort Never Goes Out of Style

Despite the modern makeover, functionality remains paramount. The footbed cleverly combines two layers of materials, guaranteeing a comfortable fit and optimal support for all-day wear. This seamless blend of heritage and cutting-edge design is what truly elevates these slides to a must-have summer staple from Onitsuka Tiger.

Effortless Style with the TIGER X-SLIDER

For those seeking a more classic slide design, the TIGER X-SLIDER delivers. This padded cross-strap slide boasts a comfortable fit thanks to its dual-density footbed and the use of soft textured smooth leather for the upper and footbed. The TIGER X-SLIDER comes in two colour options: black and black with a touch of Tai-Chi Yellow for a subtle pop of colour.

new Onitsuka Tiger Slides

Sustainable Style Matters: A Win for Gen Z and the Planet

For today’s Gen Z audience, rocking fresh threads goes hand-in-hand with social consciousness. Onitsuka Tiger gets it. The brand is continuously striving towards more sustainable practices, evident in collections like the cactus-based Mexico 66 CACTFUL. They’re also incorporating eco-friendly materials and local craftsmanship, as seen in the MEXICO 66, MEXICO 66 PARATY, and SERRANO models featuring Doi Tung handwoven fabrics. This commitment to responsible manufacturing, with a focus on eco-friendly processes and material selection, is a positive step in the right direction for both style and the planet.