The Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition, Luxury that Saves Lives

In a world where luxury meets conscience, a tale of how one brand is reshaping itself towards ethical opulence.

In our relentless quest for progress, we often drown out nature’s pleas and ignore the ominous whispers of climate change catastrophe. We’ve sidestepped a critical inquiry: Can sustainability, ethics, and conscious consumerism peacefully coexist? This issue strikes a chord with today’s younger consumers, who are grappling with reconciling their values with the allure of luxury. As you sip on your almond lattes and scroll through headlines highlighting global crises, take a moment to ponder: How can brands bridge the chasm between our ideals and actionable change? And as you contemplate, a story begins to unfold. One that defies convention. It’s a tale of how one brand is reshaping itself to align with our deepest values and aspirations. It’s the story of NORQAIN and Dean Schneider.

NORQAIN and Dean Schneider

NORQAIN and Dean Schneider Join Forces Again for the Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition Timepiece

NORQAIN, a renowned name in watchmaking, and Dean Schneider, a wildlife ambassador with a passion for conservation, have once again joined forces to unveil the Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition Timepiece. This special release, limited to just 300 pieces, is not just about style. It’s also a symbol of sustainability and a commitment to ethical luxury.

Dean Schneider: The Swiss Conservationist

Dean Schneider’s journey from the world of finance to becoming a wildlife guardian is nothing short of remarkable. At 30, he left the corporate world to establish the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, a sprawling sanctuary covering 400 hectares of South African wilderness. The name, “Hakuna Mipaka,” Swahili for “no limits,” embodies his philosophy of boundless compassion for nature. It’s a place where thousands of species, from zebras to lions, find refuge.

NORQAIN and Dean Schneider

What sets Dean’s Oasis apart is its closure to tourists, relying solely on donations to fund its conservation mission. It’s a bold approach that resonates deeply with those seeking to protect our planet’s natural wonders.

The Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition: A Timepiece with a Purpose

The Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition watch is not your typical luxury accessory. It’s a testament to the extraordinary connection between Dean Schneider and King Dexter, a majestic lion from the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis. The timepiece’s design embraces a rich golden-brown palette inspired by King Dexter’s regal appearance.

But what truly sets it apart is its use of NORTEQ® carbon fibre material, a lightweight and shock-resistant innovation. The case combines dark brown ultra-robust NORTEQ® with a sand-coloured rubber shock absorber infused with sand from the oasis. It’s not just about aesthetics but making a statement that luxury can be responsible and sustainable.

Style Meets Substance

The Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition timepiece was inspired by the beauty of the oasis. The lion’s fur pattern, for example, complements the Hakuna Mipaka shield-and-spear symbol on the dark brown dial and sand-coloured rubber strap. Meanwhile, the skeleton hands and indexes are gilded with crimson gold, echoing the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis’ gloomy evening light.

Design and functionality also play pivotal roles in the collection. It utilises the reliable Manufacture Calibre NN20/1, a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement crafted by Kenissi. On the reverse side of the sapphire crystal case, you’ll find a striking display featuring the “HAKUNA MIPAKA” emblem and the engraving “ONE OF 300.” These timepieces are a testament not just to elegance but also to a profound commitment to the wild.

Supporting Dean’s Mission

In addition to Dean Schneider’s mission and projects at the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, Wild ONE donates 10% of the sales of the Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition watch to the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis with every purchase (priced at SGD $8,700). This collaboration demonstrates NORQAIN’s dedication to environmental sustainability and cruelty-free practises, with their full line devoid of animal ingredients and Swiss Climate CO2-neutral accreditation.

NORTEQ®: A Breakthrough in Watchmaking

NORTEQ® is a revolutionary carbon fibre material created particularly for NORQAIN timepieces. This material, developed in conjunction with NORQAIN, Jean-Claude Biver, and BIWI SA, offers lightweight durability and the flexibility to introduce a variety of hues.

NORTEQ®’s Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition timepiece not only demonstrates its potential to revolutionise watchmaking but also embodies the company’s commitment to sustainable luxury.

Redefining Luxury

In a world where luxury appears to contradict our ethical beliefs, the collaboration between NORQAIN and Dean Schneider seems promising. It’s a story about grandeur reimagined, with sustainability and responsibility at the forefront. For starters, the Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition timepiece is more than just a time-telling accessory. It also represents optimism for a world where luxury and ethics coexist together.

As we navigate a complex world filled with choices, this partnership reminds us that luxury can be a force for good. A catalyst for change and a bridge between our ideals and tangible action. It’s a story that resonates with us and challenges us to reconsider the meaning of luxury in our world today.