Can Local Brands Really Go Global? Unveiling the Remarkable Fashion Journey from Local Roots to Global Heights

Witness how the PEDRO Icon line, a celebration of the brand's success, adds another chapter to brand's dynamic narrative—navigating diverse cultures and ever-changing fashion landscapes since its inception in 2006.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Singapore, the SKAI Loft at Swissôtel recently played host to a celebration — the 3rd Anniversary of the PEDRO Icon line, named “An ICONIC Night.” This gathering not only marked a pivotal moment for the brand but also testified to its remarkable journey from local prominence to global acclaim.

Pedro Icone Line

Central to the event was the unveiling of the Winter ’23 PEDRO Icon Collection. The event presented a winter wardrobe that harmoniously blends boldness with chic allure. Departing from conventional style norms, this collection seeks to redefine fashion, embodying the brand’s commitment to embracing individuality.

PEDRO’s Journey: From Local Roots to Global Presence

In the dynamic fashion landscape of the 2000s, PEDRO emerged amidst globalisation and the industry’s shift towards diverse lifestyle products. Originating in Singapore, PEDRO swiftly expanded internationally, making the Philippines its first overseas market in 2007. This early globalisation not only showcased adaptability to diverse cultures but also enabled the homegrown label to strategically leverage economies of scale. The brand’s nuanced approach, from adapting seasonal styles like the madas sharqi in Dubai to tailoring offerings for different climates in China, exemplifies its ability to resonate with diverse markets.

Over the past 15 years, PEDRO’s style evolution has mirrored broader fashion trends. Born from a recognition of the market need for affordable, quality dress shoes in 2006, the label drew inspiration from the sharp, continental style of Italian menswear. The brand’s initial focus on classic formal shapes and moccasins expanded over time to include women’s shoes and accessories in 2009. As men’s collections diversified in colours, materials, and silhouettes, the business adeptly responded with trend-led fabrications, maintaining a dynamic presence in the ever-evolving fashion arena.

Everyday Icons in the Mundane

Inspired by the simplicity of daily living, the Winter ’23 collection introduces a range of essentials that seamlessly integrate iconic elements into everyday environments. The transformative qualities inherent in each piece elevate commonplace situations, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

Exploring the PEDRO Icon Collection

Diving into the collection, the PEDRO Icon Round Leather Shoulder Bag emerges as a notable piece. Crafted from cow leather with subtle suede accents, it exudes sophistication while maintaining a touch of playful youthfulness. In addition, the inclusion of the iconic Icon logo transforms it into a versatile statement piece, adding a distinctive character to any ensemble.

Another noteworthy inclusion is the PEDRO Icon Jacquard Pumps — a sleek expression of individuality with a captivating jacquard fabric construction in timeless black. These pumps not only embody style but also offer a unique visual appeal, making each step a distinctive expression of personal fashion.

For those with an inclination towards the fusion of street-style swagger and modern refinement, the PEDRO Icon Leather Loafers present a compelling choice. Crafted from fine leather and featuring iconic hardware, these loafers strike a balance between urban edge and rugged flair, radiating confidence and sophistication with every step.

In addition to these highlights, a revisit to the PEDRO Icon Round Leather Shoulder Bag reveals its enduring appeal — crafted from cow leather and adorned with suede accents, injecting youthful and playful vibes into outfits. It stands as a testament to Pedro’s commitment to style that transcends trends, offering versatility and flair for the modern fashion enthusiast.

Alongside the Winter ’23 release, PEDRO Icon introduces the ‘Hypnotic’ collection, seamlessly merging timeless elegance with a modern flair. Perfect for cocktail hour, this collection showcases bejewelled hardware on staples for an alluring and awe-inspiring effect.

A Gathering of Influencers and Celebrities

The anniversary celebration of the PEDRO Icon line also drew a diverse crowd of local and regional celebrities, models, and influencers. Notable figures such as Ayden Sng, Sonia Chew, Bonnie Loo, Zhang Ze Tong, and others graced the event, showcasing the latest collection. Regional influencers, including Jun Chiu, Kiwi Lee, Yubin Shin, Gabriel Prince, and Thuy Tien, also added an extra layer of allure to the night. Their presence not only drew much attention on social media platforms for the PEDRO Icon line but also highlighted its broad appeal and impact across local and regional fashion scenes.

As we reflect on the 3rd anniversary of the PEDRO Icon line, this goes beyond a celebration of fashion; it’s a narrative of PEDRO’s evolution from a local brand to a global fashion influencer. The Winter ’23 collection and the ‘Hypnotic’ line symbolize the brand’s dedication to pushing boundaries and creating meaningful moments in the world of fashion.