Illuminating Sustainability through Creative Expression

Attendees at ART SG 2024 savored Ruinart's iconic Blanc de Blancs cuvée as they immersed themselves in the captivating photos by the winner of the prestigious Prix Maison Ruinart, Matthieu Gafsou.

Art, an unparalleled language of expression and creativity, possesses a unique power to transcend boundaries and convey impactful messages. As the world grapples with environmental challenges, brands are increasingly turning to the art community to amplify the urgent narrative of sustainability. This year at ART SG 2024, Maison Ruinart showcased the series ‘This Constant Burning in the Air’ by award-winning photographer Matthieu Gafsou at the Ruinart Art Lounge 2024. This collaboration not only offers visual allure but also serves as a potent vehicle for awakening collective consciousness towards pressing environmental issues—a series that transcends aesthetics, sparking a dialogue on sustainability and our interconnectedness with the environment.

Ruinart Art Lounge 2024

Photography as a Catalyst for Environmental Awakening

As the official champagne partner of Southeast Asia’s largest art fair, Maison Ruinart uses the power of images and art to weave together photography, champagne, and sustainability, crafting a narrative that transcends mere aesthetics. As attendees step into ART SG 2024, they not only savour Ruinart’s iconic Blanc de Blancs cuvée but also find themselves immersed in the captivating photos of the esteemed Prix Maison Ruinart winner, Matthieu Gafsou.

Fabien Vallerian, Art and Culture Director at Maison Ruinart, elaborates on the intrigue behind Gafsou’s work, praising his photographic approach that transcends traditional documentary styles. “Moving beyond mere realism, he skillfully transforms photography through innovative techniques, guiding us towards a heightened aesthetic consciousness,” says Vallerian.

Maison Ruinart’s Photographic Journey Towards Sustainability

Matthieu Gafsou’s accolade in the 4th edition of the Prix Maison Ruinart attests to his exceptional talent. The award, supported by the Picto Foundation, also recognises emerging photographers selected from the ‘Curiosa’ section of Paris Photo. Gafsou’s journey began with an artistic residence in the Champagne region during the summer of 2022, leading to the creation of ‘Cette constante brûlure de l’air’ (‘This Constant Burning in the Air’).

The Canvas of Change

Beyond the artistic realm, Maison Ruinart’s commitment to sustainability echoes through its history. Established in 1729, the House has consistently championed terroir and ancestral know-how in crafting exceptional wines. Awarding the Prix Maison Ruinart to Matthieu Gafsou aligns with Ruinart’s firm stance towards environmental responsibility.

To address global environmental challenges, Maison Ruinart has undertaken significant transformations, maintaining sustainability commitments throughout the production stages of its cuvées. The House provides support to suppliers for dual certification in Sustainable Viticulture and High Environmental Value and prioritises eco-design and local procurement for packaging materials.

Since 2015, the bottle boxes of Ruinart’s cuvées have been eco-designed, integrating an eco-friendly approach into all developments since 2012.

The Transformative Power of Photography in Sustainability

As the Ruinart Art Lounge 2024 at ART SG 2024 unveils Matthieu Gafsou’s ‘This Constant Burning in the Air,‘ it not only showcases photographic brilliance but also invites visitors to ponder the interconnectedness of photography, sustainability, and the evolving environment. Maison Ruinart’s dedication to fostering cultural experiences, coupled with its unwavering commitment to sustainability, creates a space where photography becomes a catalyst for reflection and positive change.