Singapore Grand Prix Has Pledge To Halve Energy Emissions From The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix By 2028

Singapore Grand Prix is once again poised to make history, not just as the iconic night race but also for its unwavering commitment to sustainability

Sasha Rafi, the Director of Sustainability at Singapore Grand Prix (SGP), reveals that the journey to reduce the company’s carbon footprint began back in 2008 when the event made its debut. Fast forward to 2023, and the Singapore Grand Prix is once again poised to make history, not just as the iconic night race but also for its unwavering commitment to sustainability. As the racecars roar to life for the Singapore Grand Prix 2023: Formula One Night Race, they bear witness to a remarkable transformation. An ambitious sustainability initiative is in full swing, with the goal of slashing energy emissions by 50% before 2028, setting a shining example of eco-conscious racing.

Singapore Grand Prix 2023

The Carbon Footprint Revelation

In 2022, the organizers of the Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore GP Pte. Ltd. (SGP), took a significant stride towards grasping their environmental impact. Their inaugural carbon footprint report unveiled an alarming revelation: the Circuit Park was responsible for a substantial 2,372 tCO2e of emissions, with an overwhelming 96.1% stemming from energy consumption. This revelation not only served as a wake-up call but also ignited a decisive call to action.

Singapore Grand Prix 2023

Since then, SGP has centred its sustainability drive around energy. Armed with insights from the 2022 carbon footprint report, they’ve devised a comprehensive plan for transformation. A pivotal strategy involves phasing out diesel in favour of eco-friendly fuel alternatives. A feasibility trial is currently underway to assess the viability of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) as a renewable energy source. Their target? Implement HVO in half of the Circuit Park’s power generators by 2025, and achieve 100% utilization by 2028. This strategic shift alone is poised to cut CO2e emissions by a remarkable 52%.

The Bright Side of Solar Energy

To cut down on energy consumption, a proactive step taken was the adoption of solar energy. The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) installed solar panels at the F1 Pit Building, generating sufficient electricity annually to sustain the entire building during a race month. Furthermore, the initiative to replace conventional track lights with energy-efficient LED lights will also reduce electricity usage by an estimated 30%. Sustainability encompasses not only emissions reduction but also the harnessing of cleaner energy sources.

Offsetting the Unavoidable

While ambitious in their efforts, SGP acknowledges that some emissions are unavoidable. To tackle this, they will continue to use Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset their remaining emissions. In 2022, they already covered 85% of their electricity consumption in the Circuit Park with RECs. Furthermore, they are exploring various measures to minimize the event’s environmental footprint. In 2023, container toilets with enhanced water efficiency will make their debut at the Circuit Park, saving a significant 129,600 litres of water over the race weekend. This initiative is yet another effort to their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Promoting Sustainable Choices

SGP is actively involving patrons in their quest for sustainability. They encourage racegoers to use public transportation, with six MRT stations within walking distance of the Circuit Park gates. Additionally, convenient water points are provided to encourage the use of reusable bottles.

The Singapore Grand Prix 2023 is not just a race; it’s a call to action for the racing world and beyond. With a clear roadmap towards sustainability and a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, this event is setting a new standard for Formula 1 races. As the Singapore Grand Prix 2023 roars to life, it serves as a shining example for a greener and more sustainable future in motorsport.

Singapore Grand Prix 2023

The Singapore Grand Prix 2023 is not just about speed and glamour. It’s about embracing sustainable practices and driving towards a greener future. With ambitious plans to halve energy emissions and a holistic approach to sustainability, this event sets a new standard for how sports and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand. As we witness the race unfold under the night sky of Singapore, let’s also applaud the race’s commitment to a more sustainable world.