Scary Stories to Tell Your Photographer

In this creepy collaboration with Kenneth Chia, the makeup maestro details his monstrous inspiration and translating the scare on to screen.

Freedom Seeker

This month’s Creator Spotlight shines on photographer, Eugene Lee, whose experimental work challenges us to rethink conventions in beauty and fashion.

Where in the World is Eleanor Lee?

The long answer is, right now, in Beijing. The short answer is, everywhere.

Chen Yixin on Being an Alien in the World She Grew Up In

A generation of stars directly descended from another. Will they shine as bright, or form their own galaxy? We get some extraterrestrial insight from actress Chen Yixin on growing up in the media industry, and navigating it as a young artiste.

How Alfred Sng Remains Ageless in a Youth-Obsessed Industry

At 29 years-old, Alfred is 10 years older than the average contestant on the idol survival competition We Are Young, but his persistence led him to continue chasing his idol dream.

Facing the Shadow Self with Narelle Kheng

This story is partially inspired by our old office pet (we shared a co-working space with Narelle back in 2019), a red Betta fighting fish whose entire world was the bowl that we put him in. Fish are cold-blooded creatures who depend on their environment to regulate their internal body temperature. We are a lot […]