The Burberry Landscapes Pays Tribute to Nature and Sustainability

The latest Burberry Landscapes creations continue to pay tribute to Burberry’s connection to nature and commitment to sustainability. The larger-than-life earthworks in this rendition took inspiration from Elsie Burberry and Betty Kirby-Green’s journeys to the Canary Islands and South Africa.

Burberry Landscapes
Artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada chose the volcanic ground of El Hierro, Canary Islands to be his natural canvas.

For the first creation, artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada chose the volcanic ground of El Hierro in the Canary Islands as his natural canvas. The colours of the iconic Burberry Check were then brought to life by the artist using natural milk-based paint. To ensure there was no long-term damage to the scenery, the team then carefully wiped away the illustration.

Burberry Landscapes
The Burberry Check meadow lay in South Africa’s Overberg region.

Meanwhile, in South Africa’s Overberg region, expert local green teams hand-planted an entire meadow in shades of the classic Burberry Check pattern to match the iconic colours. After the artwork was completed, the local green teams took action to return the location to its original state. They began nurturing and growing the meadow using water sourced from a rainfall catchment dam. Then, they turned over the plants to break down naturally and compost them back into the earth.

‘One of my favourite aspects of this using this paint process is that it’s created from minerals. So, as you’re mixing the colours, it’s like alchemy. You don’t really know what amount works in one moment from another, because each type will have a different density and coverage. All of it unfolds before you, so you can enjoy mixing in the moment.’

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

The latest Burberry Landscapes not only showcase the brand’s connection to nature but also celebrate its heritage. It took this concept worldwide for two years, expanding it into an immersive experience for visitors around the globe. They also used this project as an opportunity to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage people to step outside and rethink the possibilities of the world around them.