Loewe Gets Playful: Juergen Teller’s Campaign for Pre-Fall 2024

Forget grand catwalks. Loewe's Pre-Fall '24 shrinks big fashion into a whimsical miniature world. Discover the playful collection captured by Juergen Teller.

The Loewe Pre-Fall 2024 campaign isn’t just about clothes; it’s a whimsical world brought to life through the lens of renowned photographer Juergen Teller. Known for his raw and humorous style, Teller perfectly captures the playful spirit of Jonathan Anderson’s vision, where proportions are distorted and a sense of wonder takes centre stage.

The Loewe Pre-Fall 2024 campaign

Play with Scale: A Miniature World with Maximum Impact

The campaign’s setting takes centre stage as much as the clothing itself. Forget grand catwalks and stark studios; Loewe transports us to the delightful Bekonscot Model Village, a miniature world meticulously crafted down to the last detail. This playful choice perfectly complements the collection’s focus on scale. Cropped jackets juxtaposed against oversized bows find an echo in the tiny houses and towering trees of the miniature village. The campaign becomes a visual conversation, asking us to question our perception of size and proportion in both fashion and the world around us.

The Loewe Pre-Fall 2024 campaign

Star Power & Playful Poses: A Diverse Cast Gets Silly

The playful concept extends beyond the campaign’s setting. Loewe’s Pre-Fall 2024 campaign casts a diverse group of models and artists, amplifying its charm. From established names like actress Lesley Manville and musician 070 Shake to everyday creatives and even Jonathan Anderson’s nephew, Alfie Anderson, the campaign celebrates individuality. Each model strikes a pose that’s both playful and thought-provoking. Sophie Wilde leans nonchalantly against a miniature castle, clutching a denim Squeeze bag, while Enzo Vogrincic precariously balances over a train tunnel, showcasing the Flamenco Backpack. The juxtaposition of their serious expressions with the whimsical setting creates a delightful tension, inviting a smile.

The Loewe Pre-Fall 2024 campaign

A Closer Look at the Collection: Bold Shapes and Soft Touches

The clothing itself reflects the same sense of playfulness seen in the campaign’s concept. Cropped jackets and elongated silhouettes create a dynamic interplay of proportions. Oversized bows add a touch of unexpected femininity, while sculptural draping hints at a modern take on elegance. The featured Loewe bags, including the Puzzle Fold tote, the Flamenco Purse, and the Squeeze bag, come in soft iterations, adding a touch of tactility to the campaign’s visual feast.

Loewe’s Visual Language: Playful Yet Rooted

Juergen Teller’s signature style perfectly complements Loewe’s brand identity. His ability to capture the essence of a subject with a touch of humour aligns with Loewe’s playful spirit. Yet, there’s also a sense of documentary realism in the campaign, a grounding element that reflects Loewe’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Ultimately, the campaign is a testament to Loewe’s unique visual languageā€”one that’s both playful and rooted in a deep appreciation for fashion and its ability to tell stories.

The Final Touch: A Community of Creativity

The diverse cast of the campaign hints at another key aspect of Loewe’s identity: its focus on community. By bringing together a group of talented individuals from various backgrounds, Loewe reinforces the idea that fashion is a conversation, a shared experience that transcends trends and seasons.

The Loewe Pre-Fall 2024 campaign goes beyond a collection of clothes. It also opens the doors to a world of wonder, where distorted scales, shifting perspectives, and playful exploration transform fashion into a celebration of creativity.