MCM x BE@RBRICK: Back for More? A Must-Have for Collectors and Fashion Enthusiasts

A stunning collectable that perfectly bridges the gap between timeless design and contemporary appeal.

Ever wondered how to elevate your collection while showcasing your love for MCM? The wait is over! The highly anticipated collaboration between MCM, the renowned German fashion house, and BE@RBRICK, the wildly popular Japanese collectable figure, is back for another edition. This exciting release has already captivated fashion enthusiasts and seasoned collectors alike. Let’s delve into the new limited edition of the MCM BE@RBRICK collaboration.


A Playful Fusion of Fashion and Collectibles

What makes this re-edition so special? Imagine the iconic BE@RBRICK bear figure, now with a makeover, adorned with MCM’s signature Visetos monogram applied through a water transfer printing technique. The result? A stunning collectable that perfectly bridges the gap between timeless design and contemporary appeal.


Did you know? According to a 2023 report by Grand View Research, the global collectable market is poised for significant growth, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.6%. This translates to a multi-billion dollar industry, highlighting the increasing popularity of collectables. Collaborations like MCM x BE@RBRICK perfectly capture this trend, offering unique pieces for passionate collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Two Sizes, One Unforgettable Design

Are you a display-oriented collector, or do you prefer a subtle touch of luxury? The MCM x BE@RBRICK set caters to both preferences. Featuring two matte black BE@RBRICK figurines in different sizes, the larger piece makes for a striking display, while the smaller version offers a portable way to showcase your MCM fandom. Both figurines boast a contrasting glossy finish, housed within a collectable box reminiscent of MCM’s signature trunks.


Fueling Fan Frenzy: The MCM x BE@RBRICK Re-Edition

Why does this re-edition generate so much excitement? If past collaborations are any indication, this MCM BE@RBRICK set is sure to create a similar buzz. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or simply adore MCM’s iconic style, the BE@RBRICK set offers a chance to own a piece of this highly sought-after collaboration. The limited edition set is now available online and in MCM boutiques.