The Resurgence of Crocs: Why Gen-Z and Luxury Brands like MCM are Embracing the Once-Maligned Footwear

The story of Crocs' remarkable transformation is one that showcases the power of reinvention and the unpredictable nature of fashion trends.

MCM x Crocs

MCM and Crocs Reunite for a Stylish Comeback

MCM and Crocs have joined forces once again to reintroduce their iconic collaboration from last year. The MCM x Crocs 2.0 collection puts a fresh spin on Crocs’ classic clog, making it a summer must-have. Available in two striking colourways—white and lime green, and khaki and black—the designs draw inspiration from MCM’s upcoming collection, which features vibrant hues and earth tones. Notably, these shoes incorporate the detachable MCM mini-belt bag crafted in black and white Visetos, cleverly transforming it into a bold bracelet. In a departure from the norm for Crocs, the shoes also feature a padded heel strap, ensuring maximum comfort. And, of course, no pair of Crocs is complete without the iconic Jibbitz for customisation, including MCM-inspired options such as laurels, Bavarian diamonds, brass plates, and MCM lettering.

The Fall and Rise of Crocs

With the recent resurgence of Y2K (year 2000) fashion, the return of Crocs as a trend is hardly surprising. Known for their chunky, rubbery design, waterproof nature, and distinctive ventilation holes for Jibbitz, Crocs were once a dominant shoe brand in the 2000s, adorning the feet of nearly every child. The appeal of customising Crocs with beloved characters or personal touches was unmatched. However, in an unexpected twist, Crocs fell out of favour, being labelled as ugly and losing their appeal among the masses. In the 2010s, they became the subject of jokes and memes, and even today, some individuals like Zoë Kravitz continue to express their distaste for the footwear, as she once convinced Channing Tatum to ditch his Crocs.

The Unbelievable Resurgence of Crocs

Crocs orchestrated a remarkable comeback by collaborating with renowned brands and designers to create limited-edition collections that attracted both existing Crocs fans and a new wave of enthusiasts. The MCM x Crocs is case-in-point. The brand started gaining traction again in 2018, following its initial collaboration with Post Malone and later partnered with the likes of Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber, and SZA. Recently, Chloe and Halle Bailey have also joined as brand ambassadors. This influx of celebrity support propelled Crocs back into the spotlight as a fashion-forward item. While some wear them ironically as a nod to “ugly chic,” collaborations with fashion powerhouses like Balenciaga, and Christopher Kane, and even unexpected partnerships like KFC brought a fresh and unexpected allure to Crocs, generating hype and increasing their desirability.

Crocs’ Evolution and Appeal

Crocs has expanded its offerings beyond the classic clogs, introducing new styles that resonate with a wider consumer base. The brand now boasts sandals, slides, trainers, boots, and even high-heeled versions, catering to diverse preferences and fashion tastes. This diversification has allowed Crocs to remain relevant in the ever-changing fashion landscape, appealing to a broader audience. Among the latest trends is the Mega Crush Sandal, which has taken TikTok by storm, becoming a must-have item among Gen-Z fashion enthusiasts.

By defying expectations and collaborating with influential figures and renowned brands, Crocs has made an unprecedented resurgence, capturing the hearts of Gen-Z and luxury brands like MCM. With its ability to evolve, adapt, and surprise, it’s clear that Crocs has transformed from a fashion faux pas to a bona fide fashion staple, continuing to leave its mark on the industry.