The Enchanting Tapestry: Tod’s Spring Summer 2024 Women’s Collection Unveiled

As Milan's golden rays grace the Laboratori Scala Ansaldo, Tod's Spring Summer 2024 Women's Collection emerges, a poetic farewell by Chiapponi. Uncover the timeless artistry within Italian craftsmanship.

Imagine a sun-drenched afternoon in Milan, where the Laboratori Scala Ansaldo stands as a testament to Italian craftsmanship’s whispered secrets. Here, Tod’s SS2024 Women’s Collection, the culmination of a remarkable four-year journey under the creative helm of Walter Chiapponi, is unveiled. This collection not only embodies the essence of design and Italian excellence but also marks the poignant farewell of Chiapponi from the Italian Fashion House.

Tod's SS2024 Women's Collection

The Artisan’s Alchemy: Laboratori Scala Ansaldo Unveiled

The Laboratori Scala Ansaldo in Milan is more than just a backdrop; it’s the hallowed ground where fashion artistry is born. In this enchanted realm, Tod’s SS2024 Women’s Collection comes to life. Much like the skilled hands crafting the extraordinary scenography of Teatro alla Scala, Tod’s artisans sculpt collections of unparalleled quality.

Tod's SS2024 Women's Collection

Design Deconstructed: Minimalism Meets Femininity

Walter Chiapponi, Tod’s Creative Director, takes us back to the essentials—the core of design and the finesse of Italian craftsmanship. This collection pays homage to the minimalism of the 1990s, but with an undeniably feminine twist. Each piece, rooted in traditional tailoring, radiates softness and fluidity. Unlined suits, sheer trench coats, and sensual waistcoats redefine the timeless elegance of Tod’s.

The Palette of Whispers: Colours that Tell Stories

Picture a palette that speaks in hushed tones — écru, camel, tobacco, and scorched hues, reminiscent of Tod’s iconic leatherware. Now, imagine splashes of lime green that dance like secrets revealed. The fabrics are a symphony of light and softness — viscose, linen gauze, transparent cool wool, and the caress of ultrasoft Nappa leather.

Bags as Icons: Minimalism Redefined

Unadorned yet iconic, Tod’s bags have become cult objects, each shape defined by structure and leather. The seamless Di Bag, the embossed T Timeless bags, and the geometric, structured Tod’s T-Box bag with its metal T fastening all elevate your style effortlessly. The new shopping bag, a fusion of fabric and leather, mirrors the wearer’s form.

Tod's SS2024 Women's Collection

From Craft to Art: Footwear Elevated

Italian footwear craftsmanship is the soul of Tod’s legacy. This season, the journey begins with the traditional male moccasin, evolving into a feminine world. The iconic Gommino also takes centre stage in fine leather with a bubble sole. Meanwhile, Ballerinas, mules, and the new woven sandal, gracing you with minimalist heels in soft hues, complete this collection.

The Whisper of Excellence: Fine and Rare Leathers

Through the use of fine and rare leathers, Tod’s reinforces the message of Made in Italy’s excellence and quality. Each piece is a testament to tradition and innovation, catering to a new generation of connoisseurs who value both heritage and evolution.

In the grand finale of Tod’s SS2024 Women’s Collection, fashion transcends mere clothing. It becomes an art form, a story told in fabric and leather. Milan’s Laboratori Scala Ansaldo, where craftsmanship reigns supreme, has birthed an enchanting tapestry. As you contemplate your fashion journey, remember that excellence, artistry, and meaning are not distant stars; they are woven into every stitch of Tod’s collection.