Battling the Darkness: Singapore’s Fight Against Suicide

Join the conversation on World Suicide Prevention Day as we explore the importance of mental health support.

Suicide is a painfully sobering experience for anyone. It impacts not only the individual who reaches that tragic point but also those who love them. It also leaves their loved ones grappling with profound loss and a barrage of unanswered questions. This grim reality serves as a stark reminder. Sometimes, the struggles faced by those in our circle remain hidden until tragedy strikes. Just a few years ago, I confronted this painful reality when a friend abruptly ended his life. We saw each other regularly, yet the signs were elusive. This left me wondering why I hadn’t seen it coming. As we draw closer to World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, 2023, it serves as a poignant reminder of a global issue that knows no boundaries: suicide.

World Suicide Prevention Day

In Singapore, a nation renowned for its vibrant culture and prosperity, this issue hits especially close to home. With an average of 400 suicides occurring each year, it becomes crucial to shine a light on the significance of suicide prevention and the available support systems in this bustling city-state.

The Heart of Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention isn’t just a policy; it’s a lifeline. In Singapore, where 400 lives are lost to suicide on average each year, the urgency to address this public health crisis cannot be overstated. Beyond the numbers, there are families shattered, friends left in grief, and communities scarred. The impact is immeasurable, and it calls for our collective action.

Resources for Suicide Prevention in Singapore

In Singapore, several dedicated organizations offer a helping hand to individuals in mental distress, providing vital support during their darkest hours. These organizations include:

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS): A non-profit organization that operates round the clock, SOS is a beacon of hope for those in crisis or contemplating suicide. They offer a 24-hour hotline, email support, and face-to-face counselling services.

Institute of Mental Health (IMH): The psychiatric hospital in Singapore provides a spectrum of mental health services, including outpatient care, inpatient treatment, and outreach programs. Their 24-hour helpline serves as an immediate lifeline for those in dire need.

Silver Ribbon Singapore: This non-profit organization is on a mission to combat the stigma surrounding mental health and promote mental well-being. Silver Ribbon provides various mental health services, including counselling, support groups, and public education initiatives.

WARMspace Initiative: To mark its 10th year anniversary, Olive Branch Psychology, Counselling and Therapy Clinic is launching WARMspace, a social enterprise initiative. It aims to foster a welcoming environment. Here, individuals of all ages and life stages can feel secure. They can share their inner challenges and discover the support they need.

Facing the Stark Reality: Suicide Statistics in Singapore

According to the Samaritans of Singapore, suicide is also the leading cause of death among young Singaporeans. The numbers don’t lie. In 2020, there were 429 suicides recorded, showing a slight decline from the previous year. However, this decline doesn’t downplay the gravity of the issue. Suicide remains a significant public health concern in Singapore, urging us to persist in raising awareness and offering support.

World Suicide Prevention Day

The statistic of an average of 400 suicides per year is derived from research on corporate shared value for sustainable development. Also, the alarming fact that suicide leads as the cause of death among Singaporeans aged 10-29 is based on data from Samaritans of Singapore (SOS). This organization extends emotional support to crisis-stricken individuals.

United Against Suicide in Singapore

Suicide prevention knows no boundaries; it’s a universal call to action. As we approach World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, 2023, let’s unite to infuse hope and support into the lives of those grappling with mental health challenges. This year’s powerful message, “Creating hope through action,” resonates deeply. Remember, seeking help is an act of courage and strength. By raising awareness, rallying support, and implementing vital resources, we can join hands in the battle against suicide, fostering mental well-being across Singapore. It’s also crucial to note that, even today, suicide remains a social stigma that we must collectively work to eliminate.

As we go about our daily activities, let’s not forget the importance of empathy, compassion, and mental health support.

Together, we can make a difference, one warm gesture at a time.