ZEGNA Winter 2023: The Oasi of Cashmere. Discover The Craft, And Experience The Future.

Zegna Winter 2023
Artistic Director, Alessandro Sartori presenting ZEGNA Winter 2023: The Oasi of Cashmere

The Zegna Winter 2023 collection, “The Oasi of Cashmere,” featured innovative craftsmanship and material integration while paying homage to sustainability. As Zegna continues to lead the way in fine fabric, its latest lineup flaunted a treasure trove of Italian mastery.

Zegna Winter 2023
ZEGNA Winter 2023: The Oasi of Cashmere in Milan

The latest collection features prominent silhouettes with a mix of soft precision and bold textures. Wide-leg trousers paraded with fitted tops in various Oasi Cashmere textiles. Jerseys and textiles with brushed and needle-punched finishes added dimension. Tailoring excellence shines through in cropped bomber jackets, elongated coats, blousons, and blazers that omit both lapels and collars. New sack-inspired jackets had cropped sleeves and full-length trousers. Airbrushed folds and geometric patterns adorned longline blousons, complementing corduroy and pleated suedes to create a vertical rhythm.

Artistic Director, Alessandro Sartori, also added pops of colour to the muted palette that was both visually striking and interesting. The serene greys met aurora Yellow while foliage Brown was dashed with bacca Red and wine Red. The outcome added a fresh and modern touch to the collection.

Zegna X Off-Kilter Collaboration

The Zegna Winter 2023 collection also hinted at a forthcoming collaboration with the ‘Off-Kilter’, an LA-based luxury lifestyle company The Elder Statesman. More details of the partnership will be made public at the end of February. It will celebrate craftsmanship and creativity, showcasing Zegna’s expertise in fabric made with a brand that shares its values and devotion to craft.

Sartori’s latest collection demonstrated his extensive technical knowledge as well as his desire to broaden Zegna’s universe. “At Zegna, I have the opportunity to create fabrics from weaving to finishing, challenging our manufacturers and pushing them to explore uncharted waters. It also allows me to mould our silhouettes right from the matter and ensure that our commitment to innovation and excellence is rooted in every step of the process.”