Ready to Channel Your Inner Hero? Acne Studios SS25 Unveils Playful Superhero Chic

Spring Summer 2025 goes playful with Acne Studios' superhero-inspired collection.

Do you ever dream of unleashing your inner superhero? The Acne Studios Spring Summer 2025 (SS25) menswear collection is here to make that dream a reality. Inspired by childhood nostalgia and a dash of rebellion, this collection embodies empowerment and self-discovery. Under the visionary eye of creative director Jonny Johansson, Acne Studios takes you on a playful journey through comfort, confidence, and the evolution of personal identity.

Have you ever felt the urge to channel your inner superhero? The Acne Studios Spring Summer 2025 (SS25) menswear collection captures that feeling of empowerment and self-discovery, drawing inspiration from childhood nostalgia and a touch of rebellion. Creative director Jonny Johansson creates a playful journey through comfort, confidence, and the evolution of personal identity.

Superhero Chic: Bold Prints and Playful Details

Johansson’s vision comes alive in the collection’s standout feature: superhero-themed prints and graphics. Iconic DC Comics characters like Wonder Woman and Catwoman are reimagined as “femme fatales” through embroidery, patchwork, and a “scrapbooked” aesthetic. This unique collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products brings a touch of pop culture to the runway.

Clashing Textures and Unexpected Silhouettes

Beyond the graphics, playful details abound. Candy-coloured “plastic” keychains, trompe l’oeil denim patchwork prints, and doodles forming na├»ve heart motifs add a whimsical touch. The collection also masterfully blends textures for a captivating look. Fine wool tailoring finds its counterpoint in garment-dyed pieces with a “rusty” finish, while laddered knits and burnished leather add a touch of edginess.

Silhouettes are equally unexpected. Wide-legged jeans are paired with second-skin tops or elongated blazers, while slimmer cut shorts and vests nod to scuba wear. Tailoring emphasizes the waist, with jackets featuring silicone piping and overcoats cinched and belted.

Celebrating Denim and More

Speaking of defined proportions, the collection features a refresh on classic denim. It remains a cornerstone of the collection, receiving a refresh with vintage vibes and contemporary updates. Candy-coloured keychains and stacks of belts adorn the classic 2006 silhouette jeans. Customized denim patchwork prints appear on various pieces, including 5-pocket denim silhouettes, ballet pumps, and even swimwear.

Comfort with a Twist: Footwear and Accessories

Footwear also embraces playful extremes. Heavy boots with exposed metal at the toe juxtapose lug-soled monk-strapped shoes splashed with paint. Knee-high boots with a denim illusion and shearling boots paired with lace-up sneakers complete the look with a touch of playful deception and unexpected comfort.

Accessories prioritize both function and personal expression. A new camera-inspired bag comes in two sizes, while the classic Multipocket bag returns in a worn-in suede with a denim feel. Baseball caps with logo variations, wide rings with tiny gems, and chunky chain necklaces complete the look.

More Than Just Clothing: A Celebration of Personal Style

The Acne Studios Spring Summer 2025 collection is more than just clothing; it’s an invitation to embrace your individuality and cultivate your personal style. As Jonny Johansson himself says, “The collection is about the feeling of empowerment that clothing can give you.” So, channel your inner superhero and step into the new season with confidence and a touch of playful rebellion.