A Class in Solidarity

Reimagining a queer-inclusive, queer-affirming education for Singaporean youth that celebrates and empowers students. A school that could have been, or should have been...?

In our previous Pride month special, our interviewees stressed the importance of making schools a safe and inclusive place for all students, including the vulnerable and marginalised. Thus, we collaborated with photographer and director, Lenne Chai, on a fantasy school yearbook, or queerbook, if you may.

On what brought about this photo-series, titled BELACAN, Lenne said, “Inspired by the imagery of student-led political movements in Singapore in the past, and SAMBAL (Singaporean And Malaysian Bisexual women And Lesbians) – an online discussion group that participated in LGBT marches in San Francisco in the early 90s – what would growing up in Singapore be like if civil discourse and peaceful protests were encouraged in school life?”

“Public assemblies, demonstrations and protests are activities regulated by the Public Order Act, a law enforced in Singapore by the Singapore Police Force. Generally, police permits are required before these activities may be held, and as a result, demonstrations and protests have been a rare sight in Singapore since the law was introduced in 2009. I’m not criticizing, I’m just fantasizing. ☺️”