Burberry Unveils Immersive “Burberry Rose” Experience in Shanghai

Discover how the Burberry is once again making waves in Shanghai, while elegantly highlighting Daniel Lee's highly-anticipated Winter 2023 collection.

After the resounding success of the “Burberry Streets” campaign during London Fashion Week, the iconic British fashion house doesn’t miss a beat. Its latest captivating stop takes us to Shanghai, China. Aptly named “Burberry Rose,” this series of takeovers has recently wrapped up its Seoul, South Korea chapter, all while shining a spotlight on Daniel Lee’s Winter 2023 collection through interactive artwork that masterfully captures the essence of natural beauty.

Now, the British brand’s innovative spirit graces the vibrant streets of Shanghai. It offers an enchanting and immersive experience. This interaction seamlessly weaves its British heritage into the tapestry of the city.

Petal Maze: Daniel Lee’s Winter 2023 Collection

As in previous locations, Burberry’s campaign was visible all over the city. Each of these marketing strategies highlights a distinctive and alluring element of the brand’s personality. The “Petal Maze,” a theme that Daniel Lee explores throughout Daniel Lee’s first collection, serves as the experience’s main focus point. Here, Daniel Lee’s Winter 2023 collection comes to life through impressive artwork. This artwork recreates the beauty of natural scenery.

This mesmerizing installation is inspired by the English rose. It also features handcrafted sculpted shapes like petals, stems, and leaves, all of which highlight the latest Winter 2023 collection.

Burberry Rose

British Staples at Norman’s Café

Meanwhile, for those looking to savor the taste of Britain in the heart of Shanghai, “Burberry Rose” brings a slice of North London to the city with Norman’s café, renowned for its British cuisine. This temporary space seamlessly blends Norman’s signature aesthetic with elements from Burberry’s latest creative expression, offering a selection of elevated café classics throughout the takeover.

Burberry Rose

Burberry’s Signature All Over

To draw more attention to the campaign, the iconic Equestrian Knight logos also gracefully adorn the streets of Shanghai, with flags flying proudly above Panyu Road. The brand’s seasonal signatures, such as the knight blue check and the ever-popular rose print, also grace billboards, bus stops, and buses traversing the city center, showcasing Burberry’s contemporary vision.

Burberry Rose

This series of immersive experiences, installations, and events coincides with the much-anticipated launch of Winter 2023, which marks Daniel Lee’s inaugural collection for Burberry. The collection is now available both in-store and online. Furthermore, the brand has also unveiled a redesigned e-commerce website, signaling a new era and creative vision for Burberry. “Burberry Rose” will be in Shanghai from October 21 to December 31 before moving to its next location.