From ‘Chok Chok’ to ‘Kkul-gwang,’ The Evolution Continues to The Latest Sensation – The Pursuit of a Mesmerizing Glass-like Complexion. Discover The Secrets to Achieving Flawlessly Radiant and Translucent Skin Effortlessly.

Curious About the Glass-Like Complexion Trend? Kiehl's Brightest Skin Experience Might Just Be Your Next Skincare Breakthrough.

Amidst the myriad of skincare trends, a captivating question lingers: Can one truly attain a healthy, even-toned, and lavishly hydrated complexion that mirrors translucence—the renowned glass-like complexion? Kiehl’s firmly believes so, unveiling the game-changing experience – The Brightest Skin Experience at VivoCity (Feb 27 to March 3). So, are you prepared to transcend conventional beauty boundaries?

For the past couple of years, Kiehl’s has been on a relentless quest for the kind of skin that stops people in their tracks. Forget the mundane; think Morning C + Night A routine, where the Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution and the Retinol Daily Micro-Dose Serum take centre stage. Fast forward to this year, and Kiehl’s is throwing a new card on the table – the Clearly Corrective™ Daily Re-Texturizing Triple Acid Peel.

glass-like complexion

After last year’s jaw-dropping success in Kuala Lumpur, the spotlight is now on VivoCity this February, where Kiehl’s plans to unfold the next chapter in The Brightest Skin Experience.

Exploring Kiehl’s Skincare Odyssey

In the sprawling landscape of brightening concoctions, the Clearly Corrective™ Daily Re-Texturizing Triple Acid Peel isn’t just another player; it’s the conductor of your skin’s radiance symphony. This lightweight, fast-absorbing peel is more than just a mix of acids; it’s a carefully crafted potion boasting an 8.6% Triple-Acid Blend, including the skin-friendly Copper Gluconate. According to the results of a consumer perception study, 88% sing praises of minimized pores, 98% feel the silkiness of smoother skin, and 95% bask in the glow of a more radiant complexion after just four weeks.

The Science Behind the Peel

Imagine a peel that’s not just science, but an art form. The Clearly Corrective™ Daily Re-Texturizing Triple Acid Peel is precisely that, with its 5.4% AHAs, 0.18% BHA, and 3.0% PHA dance. This balanced formula, enriched with soothing Copper Gluconate, promises a daily exfoliating ritual that inches you closer to the covetable glass-like skin.

Complementing the Routine

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution. Ranked as Singapore’s #1 Brightening Serum, this serum isn’t just a part of the routine; it’s also the essence of Kiehl’s glass skin mission. With a 39% reduction in Dark Spot Intensity and 23% plumper skin, what’s not to like? That’s not just skincare, but a skincare revolution.

The Brightest Skin Experience Awaits

As the countdown to The Brightest Skin Experience begins, mark your calendar from February 27 to March 3, 2024. The immersive journey will commence at VivoCity. It will also mark the initiation of a skincare transformation. While you are there, remember to claim your complimentary 6-piece sample kit as you enjoy a personalized skin consultation, and brace yourself for a social contest where meeting Bright Vachirawit might just become a reality. Exclusive sets, a special Brightest Skin Experience Set at SGD$140 (worth SGD$199), and the promise of redefined skincare – Kiehl’s invites you to embrace the brilliance of a glass-like complexion. This isn’t just another ordinary routine but promises to be a revelation. Join us as we unveil the secrets to radiant, luminous skin – a journey where skincare meets transformation.

glass-like complexion