Kiehl’s Creative Sustainability Takes Center Stage in NYC Subway: Trash to Art Installation

Sustainability has, by necessity, evolved into a corporate responsibility, and environmental consciousness is a crucial part of that.

Kiehl’s has, once more, taken the spotlight to make a resounding statement, seamlessly blending artistry, innovation, and an environmental conscience in a world where sustainability has, by necessity, evolved into a corporate responsibility for every business. The latest instalment of Kiehl’s immersive journey brings us to the bustling streets of New York City, where the iconic subway becomes a canvas for sustainability advocacy. Let’s take a closer look at “Kiehl’s NYC Subway: Trash To Art,” an event that not only captivates the senses but also underscores the brand’s commitment to a greener future.

Kiehl's NYC Subway

A Fusion of Art and Sustainability

Last year, Kiehl’s dazzled New Yorkers with its subway campaign. This year, they return to the heart of Singapore, the ION Orchard Mall, with a renewed dedication to sustainability. “Kiehl’s NYC Subway: Trash To Art” is an installation that seamlessly blends artistic creativity with a futuristic vision of sustainability. At a recent launch event, Kiehl’s welcomed esteemed guests and friends, inviting them to immerse themselves in an interactive journey through the brand’s universe.

The Super Tree: A Symbol of Sustainability

The “Kiehl’s NYC Subway: Trash To Art” installation begins with the Super Tree, an awe-inspiring structure constructed entirely from Kiehl’s empties. This emblematic creation greets visitors with futuristic high-tech screens that showcase the brand’s best sellers. But what’s truly remarkable is the upcycled Kiehl’s product silhouettes integrated into the structure—a touching tribute to loyal customers who’ve joined Kiehl’s in recycling for a better world.

The UFC Waterfall: A Soothing Reminder

Another noteworthy structure is the UFC Waterfall, assembled from Ultra Facial Cream empties. This breathtaking artwork symbolizes not only the ultra-hydrating properties of the cream but also the event’s core message of “sustainability.” Placed strategically above the empties drop-off point, it encourages visitors to contribute to Kiehl’s mission by recycling their cleaned beauty empties, aligning with the goal of recycling 60,000 empties this month.

Kiehl's NYC Subway

Time Travel Tunnel: A Journey Through History

Visitors are also invited to embark on a journey through time in the Time Travel Tunnel, tracing Kiehl’s humble beginnings as an apothecary in 1851 to its current global presence. Screens highlight key milestones in the brand’s 172-year history, emphasizing its commitment to evolution and excellence.

Kiehl's NYC Subway

Local Artists and Their Eco-Friendly Masterpieces

Kiehl’s has also commissioned three local artists to create stunning art pieces on display throughout the subway. Stephanie Jane Burt, Maisarah Kamal, and Joyce Orallo Lim have each contributed unique works of art that emphasize sustainability. “The Big Apple” and “The Empire State Building” creatively repurpose Kiehl’s empties, while “My Forever Blooms” draws inspiration from the Calendula Herbal-Extract Alcohol-Free Toner, using eco-friendly materials. Each artist brings their perspective on sustainability to life through their creations.

Musical Treats and Gen Z Appeal

To conclude the evening, guests were serenaded by singer-songwriter Haven, a favourite among Gen Z, who performed her latest single, “No Hard Feelings.” Media personalities and Friends of Kiehl’s, Gavin Teo and Chen Yixin, also graced the stage, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

Kiehl’s Mission Renewal: A Sustainable Future

“Kiehl’s Mission Renewal” is a global sustainability initiative that revolves around skin health and the well-being of the world. By 2023, Kiehl’s aims to replenish resources, design out waste, and empower communities to take action towards sustainability.

Exclusive Visitor Perks

“Kiehl’s NYC Subway: Trash To Art” is open to the public from September 3rd to 13th, 2023, offering visitors a chance to participate in various activities and enjoy exclusive perks while being a part of this remarkable journey towards sustainability.

Kiehl's NYC Subway

In a world that’s increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, Kiehl’s “Trash To Art” installation serves as a beacon of hope and creativity. It’s not just an art display; it’s a statement. By combining art with sustainability, Kiehl’s invites us all to rethink our role in preserving the planet. So, hop on the subway and immerse yourself in this unique experience that’s sure to leave you inspired and more committed to a greener future.