Prada’s Spring/Summer 2024 Women’s Collection: A Sartorial Odyssey

"I got tired talking about ideas—let's talk about clothes." - Miuccia Prada

Some brands speak volumes, while others do so without needing to shout. Prada, with its understated elegance and quiet confidence, is one such brand. Last year, its revenues surged by an impressive 21%, but this success is just a glimpse of its lasting impact. You don’t need a financial report to understand that Prada is resonating deeply within the industry. And while others may attempt to mimic, Prada stands tall, effortlessly embodying a sense of sophistication that is both relatable and profoundly professional. This September, Milan’s vibrant fashion arena once again turns the spotlight on the iconic Italian House’s latest showcase for its Spring/Summer (SS) lineup. Let’s unravel the essence of their latest masterpiece: the Prada SS2024 Women’s Collection.

Prada SS2024 Women's Collection

A Fashion Odyssey

The show kicked off with billowing pastel dreams, while fringe danced gracefully alongside metal eyelets in a captivating display of style. These delicate ensembles feature pastel hues, complemented by pointy-toe heels and square-toe leather shoes, creating a mesmerising blend of airy grace and grounded sophistication. Models swathed in patchwork panné velvet gowns hand-embroidered, as well as sheath gowns cut in layers of ultrafine organza and gazar that obscured the models’ bodies as they moved. As the collection unfolds, we witness tailored pieces that redefine power dressing. Matching jackets boasting voluminous sleeves, exuding an air of effortless sophistication. A silky scarf casually drapes over the shoulder, akin to a demi-cape, adding a touch of whimsy to the ensemble. It’s a symphony of form and flair.

Prada SS2024 Women's Collection

In the SS2024 Women’s Collection, the Italian powerhouse does more than showcase the latest trends. It paid homage to the brand’s century-spanning legacy, rooted in a rich history and expressing the vision of its co-founder, Mario Prada, a world traveller with an insatiable intellectual curiosity and a passion for culture.

In a brilliant tribute, the September 2023 Prada show reintroduced a handbag designed by Mario Prada circa 1913, held in the Prada archives. An evening bag with a frame clasp, this reimagined piece features a hand-carved fastening depicting a mythological figure, a nod to the historical Eastern artistic esthetics and styles that influenced art across the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

From Design to Craft: A Journey of Intrinsic Value

As we embark on a journey through the Prada SS2024 Women’s Collection, we find ourselves on a sartorial odyssey that not only embraces the present but reverently celebrates the past. It’s also a testament to Prada’s enduring legacy in the world of fashion. Miuccia Prada herself encapsulates the essence of this collection, affirming, “We did not want to philosophize or propose elaborate stories about clothing. In crafting this collection, our focus has been on the work itself—the methods and techniques, the intrinsic value. We hold a deep respect for our role as designers and the art of creating garments. It is in the clothes themselves that our narrative unfolds.” These words resonate with the very heartbeat of Prada—a brand that speaks volumes through its artistry, craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to the timeless art of fashion. Now, let’s take a closer look at these masterpieces.