Navigating the Future of Travel with Satish Peerubandi, Vice President of Samsonite Southeast Asia

Step into the visionary world of Satish Peerubandi, Vice President of Samsonite Southeast Asia, as he unveils Samsonite's journey towards innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability in the travel industry. Discover how this iconic brand is redefining the future of travel for the modern explorer.

Satish Peerubandi, the Vice President of Samsonite Southeast Asia, has his finger on the pulse of the travel industry. Over the past three years, he’s witnessed the industry’s evolution, the rise of prominent trends, and Samsonite’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. In order to understand the transformation of travel and how Samsonite is shaping the future of travel, we went straight to the source for some answers.

Satish Peerubandi
Satish Peerubandi, the Vice President of Samsonite Southeast Asia.

The Traveler’s Resurgence: A Tale of Trends

As we journey through the insights shared by Peerubandi, Vice President of Samsonite Southeast Asia, we uncover the remarkable transformation the travel industry has undergone over the past three years. This transformation, largely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, initially led to a sharp decline in travel due to restrictions and safety concerns. However, as borders gradually reopened and restrictions eased, a resurgence occurred—a testament to the enduring passion for travel.

Leisure travel enthusiasts are also back on the move, exploring new horizons, and business travel is making a resounding comeback. But what’s different now? What sets this era of travel apart? Let’s delve into the details.

Innovation and Sustainability: The Heartbeat of Samsonite

Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of Samsonite’s ethos. As Peerubandi assured me, these principles are also what guided all their efforts. Samsonite envisions a world where luggage isn’t just an accessory; it’s an instrument of convenience, style, and sustainability.

Satish Peerubandi
The highly resilient Samsonite Proxis luggage. Built with Roxkin, a proprietary multi-layered material developed by Samsonite that bounces back into shape, offering remarkable strength, resilience and lightness.

Materials, as shared by Peerubandi, form the cornerstone of Samsonite’s innovative vision. The company invests extensively in cutting-edge materials, enhancing not only durability but also functionality and sustainability. Imagine luggage crafted from eco-friendly, robust yet lightweight fabrics—a testament to the perfect blend of innovation and sustainability.

Design, a silent hero in Samsonite’s innovation strategy, seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality. It becomes a canvas where style meets practicality. Think of luggage that transcends mere utility—it’s an expression of your personality and taste, effortlessly combining form and function.

Features, as detailed by Peerubandi, are the silent companions of your journeys. Samsonite consistently evolves and innovates in this domain. Their goal? To make your travel experience seamless and stress-free, we offer smart solutions, enhanced security, and optimized storage.

This unwavering commitment to design and innovation recently received prestigious recognition—the Red Dot Design Award. Four of their product lines, including the American Tourister ROLLIO, were honoured. This acknowledgement underlines their dedication to design excellence.

Satish Peerubandi
American Tourister’s latest Rollio collection.

Diverse Challenges, Bright Opportunities

In addition, Peerubandi shares his perspective that at Samsonite, every challenge is viewed as an opportunity for growth and improvement. The dynamic nature of consumer preferences and evolving travel needs poses a perpetual challenge, one that motivates Samsonite to be a pioneer in technology and design, consistently delivering best-in-class solutions. This dedication extends beyond products to encompass all aspects of the brand, including retail stores and after-sales service.

Sustainability, More Than a Buzzword

Sustainability is indeed a paramount concern for Samsonite. Peerubandi’s fervour for sustainability is evident, as he explains, and their vision is to become the world’s leading sustainable lifestyle bag and travel luggage company. They have also firmly integrated sustainability into the very core of their business operations.

Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion

Peerubandi passionately shares his thoughts on fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, a core element of Samsonite’s ‘Our Responsible Journey’ strategy. For Samsonite, their company ethos has always revolved around placing people at the centre, recognizing their workforce as one of their most valuable assets.

In addition to gender diversity, their dedication extends to nurturing an inclusive environment that embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and perspectives. Their commitment lies in creating a workplace where every voice is heard, valued, and empowered to contribute.

The Tech-Powered Travel Experience

With a nod of approval, Peerubandi details how technology enhances the travel experience, as he shares how Samsonite and American Tourister products are designed to do just that. Smart wheels improve manoeuvrability and durability, reducing physical strain on travellers. They’ve also embraced technology in retail, offering a seamless shopping experience with virtual access to a broader product range.

A World of Markets

Peerubandi also offers a glimpse into Samsonite’s adaptability to diverse markets, highlighting its commitment to understanding customer feedback and local cultural and travel preferences. They prioritize understanding local preferences, facilitating quick, customer-centric decisions for an agile market approach.

The Post-Pandemic Pivot

With a confident tone, Peerubandi explains how Samsonite adapted its business strategies in the post-pandemic world, tailoring product designs to accommodate more frequent domestic travel and short-haul trips while maintaining strong relationships with vendors to ensure a continuous supply of high-quality products.

The Power of Your Voice: Shaping Samsonite’s Innovation

Consumer feedback is instrumental in shaping Samsonite’s products. With a nod to the importance of customer input, Peerubandi shares an example where feedback led to the introduction of the 20:80 PlentiVol™ Packing System—a design that allows for optimal packing efficiency, addressing specific preferences voiced by customers.

A Vision for the Future

Satish Peerubandi, Vice President of Samsonite Southeast Asia, also paints a vivid picture of the future of travel, where innovation, sustainability, and a strong aesthetic appeal seamlessly fuse together. It’s about crafting luggage that adapts to the evolving needs of modern travellers.

Indeed, sustainability is a non-negotiable aspect of their future vision. Their commitment to sustainable practices drives them to innovate with eco-friendly materials, efficient manufacturing processes, and a strong focus on recyclability.

In a world influenced by social media, they envision designing products that are not only functional but also boast stylish designs and vibrant colours—products that travellers would be proud to showcase on their social platforms.

Samsonite Southeast Asia is committed to redefining the future of travel. By integrating innovation and sustainability into their product ethos and ensuring that their offerings are aesthetically pleasing for the digital age, they aspire to lead the travel industry into an exciting era.

Exciting Developments on the Horizon

With great anticipation, Satish Peerubandi shares Samsonite’s dedication to revolutionizing travel, promising to break new ground and collaborate with different brands to create exclusive capsule collections. Stay tuned for these thrilling updates as they work tirelessly to redefine the travel experience.

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