Tod’s and Tim Walker Have Teamed Up to Unveil Craftsmanship and Imagination.

Discover the artistic alchemy of two icons as they redefine craftsmanship, igniting a world of boundless creativity.

Renowned British photographer Tim Walker, celebrated for his mesmerizing fashion photography, immerses his subjects in captivating and dreamlike worlds. In April, during Milan Design Week, Walker unveiled an exhibition titled ‘The Art of Craftsmanship – A Project by Tim Walker,’ at Milan’s Le Cavallerizze Museo Nazionale Della Scienza E Della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci. Through a series of captivating images, Walker pays tribute to Tod’s exceptional craftsmanship, brilliantly capturing the creation of Tod’s iconic products, including the enduring leather ‘Di Bag’ and the signature ‘Gommino’ driving shoes, all through Walker’s visionary lens. Last week, the exhibition arrived in Singapore with an exclusive one-night event and a pop-up installation at Paragon, open to the public until October 22. This celebration seamlessly blends creativity and craftsmanship while unveiling the artistry of both Tod’s and Tim Walker. The event also included an exclusive preview of the Spring-Summer 2024 Collection.

Tod's and Tim Walker

Elegance Beyond Borders

The event was a star-studded affair with prominent regional figures like Joy Park from Red Velvet (Korea), the acclaimed Thai actor Blue Pongtiwat, the multitalented Malaysian actor Meerqeen, and the renowned Japanese actress Marie Iitoyo. Adding to the star power were some of the brightest local celebrities, including Carrie Wong, Nathan Hartono, Zhang Ze Tong, and Sheryl Ang, among many others, who seamlessly blended local flair with international glamour.

Craftsmanship Elevated to Art

Tod’s has always epitomized the essence of Made in Italy, championing quality, attention to detail, and the art of craftsmanship. In collaboration with Tim Walker, the brand breathed life into these values through captivating visuals. Their creative synergy tells a captivating story, conveyed through images and videos, offering an ironic and surreal journey through the creation process of iconic Tod’s products, from the Di Bag to the iconic Gommino shoe. Within the frames of this exhibition, you’ll find models emerging playfully from larger-than-life spools of thread, gracefully perching on oversized wooden shoe lasts, and elegantly cocooned within expansive sheets of leather in striking portraits. This is an intersection of artistic ingenuity and Italian craftsmanship, where Tim Walker’s visionary lens captures the very essence of Tod’s in a surreal and mesmerizing manner.

Tod's and Tim Walker

Also present at the event was an Italian artisan demonstrating the meticulous production process of the Bubble Gommino and the Di Bag, which added a layer of authenticity and expertise. It showcased the commitment to preserving the age-old art of craftsmanship. Tod’s and Tim Walker proved that creativity and tradition can coexist harmoniously.

Gearing Up Towards a Modern Generation

Diego Della Valle, President and CEO of Tod’s Group, emphasized the importance of transmitting the Italian lifestyle and exceptional craftsmanship to the younger generation. “Italian lifestyle and exceptional craftsmanship are core values for Tod’s, and having them interpreted by Tim Walker allows us to convey these values to the young generations, speaking their language.”

This creative bridge between heritage and modernity resonated not only with Tod’s loyal audience but also with the youth, who seek timeless values in a contemporary context.

The Spring-Summer 2024 Collection

But the evening is not just about craftsmanship and artistry. Guests are among the firsts in the region to an exclusive preview of Tod’s Spring-Summer 2024 Women’s and Men’s Collection, unveiling the latest interpretations of the iconic Tod’s Di Bag, which had previously made waves at Milan Fashion Week.

An Exclusive Capsule Collection and Beyond

The celebration extended beyond the event night, with a pop-up installation at Paragon open to the public until October 22. This exclusive Singapore capsule collection also features iconic Tod’s creations, including the legendary Gommino shoes and the timeless T Timeless bag. The exceptional artistry of Tod’s and the imaginative touch of Tim Walker converged in this exclusive collection.

Tod's and Tim Walker

Tod’s and Tim Walker showcased that craftsmanship and creativity know no boundaries. This exclusive event in Singapore also represented the Italian Fashion House’s unwavering appeal of artistry, brilliance, and innovation. It was a night when creativity and craftsmanship came together without any boundaries.

The magic of Tod’s and Tim Walker lingers, reminding us that true artistry transcends time.