Unveil Your Travel Persona with the New Samsonite Style Tough Collection

Just as you curate your wardrobe to reflect your style, your luggage should reflect your travel persona.

Travel, akin to the world of fashion, serves as a unique canvas for personal expression. It also offers a platform to exhibit your individuality and express your distinctive travel identity. Recognizing that travel transcends the mere act of reaching a destination, brands like Samsonite grasp the importance of curating memories and experiences that help shape your identity. Now, let’s take a closer look at the Styled Tough collection and explore what their designs reveal about the traveller’s unique identity.”

As the mantra goes, ‘because we’re made to go places,’ Styled Tough by Samsonite transcends conventional luggage. It’s a celebration of your journey. The new series, spanning the Asia-Pacific region, draws inspiration from the tales of unapologetically stylish and worldly travellers who explore the world, seeking unforgettable moments. Let us embark on a journey and explore the three distinct lines: Proxis, Minter, and Unimax. Each collection is specially tailored to cater to the needs and desires of different types of travellers.

For the Creative Curators: The Proxis is Your Canvas for Stylish Adventures

If you envision the world as a blank canvas awaiting your personal flair, the Proxis range is ideal. Crafted in Europe, it offers substantial packing capacity. But it is the revolutionary usage of Roxkin™️, a proprietary multi-layered material developed by Samsonite, that truly distinguishes it. It guarantees to retain its shape even when subjected to the rigours of travel. It is not only sturdy and durable, but it also recovers from dents and bumps while maintaining the optimum balance of convenience and elegance. Whether you’re navigating Tokyo’s bustling streets or Paris’ serene alleys, it is ready to meet your adventurous attitude.

Samsonite Styled Tough

For The Style Mixologists: Minter Elevates Your Journey with Elegance

Consider the Minter Line if you want to make each trip experience distinctive and stylish. With its subtle vertical grooves and a sleek, extended metal logo bar, this model emanates sophistication. The 360-degree multidirectional Aero-Trac™️ II Suspension Wheel System offers a luxuriously smooth ride while reducing noise and vibration. Glide smoothly from Bangkok’s hidden speakeasies to Manhattan’s colourful clubs, rest assured that your luggage is as sleek and fashionable as your adventures.

Samsonite Styled Tough

For Thoughtful Minimalists: Unimax Streamlined Perfection for The Discerning Travellers

For those who believe that no stone should remain unturned and no detail should go unnoticed, the Unimax collection is your best bet. Meticulously designed, Unimax incorporates the award-winning Samsonite Minimalism Design Philosophy, seamlessly integrating the logo bar, corner protectors, and metal brushed finish to prevent unsightly scratch visibility. In addition, the Aero-Trac™️ Whirl Suspension Wheel System also ensures flawless manoeuvrability, even on cobbled streets of quaint locales and the bustling thoroughfares of multicultural cities. It has the perfect balance of minimalist design and maximum functionality.

Samsonite Styled Tough

Craft Your Travel Persona with the New Samsonite Style Tough Collection

Samsonite’s Styled Tough series expresses the ethos that travel is a form of self-expression. Just as you curate your wardrobe to reflect your style, your luggage should reflect your travel persona. With this collection, Samsonite blurs the line between functional necessity and fashion accessory, allowing you to make a statement with every journey. Needless to say, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Whether you’re a Creative Curator, a Style Mixologist, or a Thoughtful Minimalist, there’s a line that resonates with your individuality. As we all agree travel isn’t just about getting to the destinations but the paths you forge and the moments you create along the way. With Samsonite’s Styled Tough collection, every journey becomes a canvas for your self-expression, a recognition of your travel persona, and also a statement of your unique style.