Zegna Goes Untamed with Linen for Spring Summer 2025

Drawing inspiration from Oasi Zegna, Alessandro Sartori seamlessly extends the narrative for this collection with Oasi Lino

The Zegna Spring Summer 2025 (SS25) collection throws a captivating curveball, juxtaposing the starkness of an industrial space with a fantastical “Oasi of Linen.” Imagine metallic flax plants shimmering in “Sentiero yellow,” creating a runway amidst a barren landscape. This collection celebrates individuality and the versatility of linen.

Zegna 2025 Spring Summer

A Celebration of Linen’s Versatility

Drawing inspiration from Oasi Zegna, Alessandro Sartori seamlessly extends the narrative for this collection. However, this time, linen takes centre stage, embodying the essence of a luxurious summer wardrobe. Oasi Lino, Zegna’s traceable and sustainable linen, shines in a multitude of applications: woven, knitted, light, and playful. Artistic Director Sartori’s commitment to experimentation is evident. He highlights how seemingly identical pieces can be transformed to express unique personalities.

Effortless Italian Elegance

Silhouettes are soft and relaxed, prioritizing comfort. Short shorts make a bold statement while enveloping overcoats and elongated blazers create a sense of refined ease. Notchless collars add a modern touch to knitted shirts and tailored overshirts. The iconic “Il Conte” jacket also received an update in various forms, offering outerwear, leather, and sleeveless options for versatile styling.

A Focus on Individuality

And there’s more. The Zegna SS25 collection goes beyond just the garments themselves. Pocket placement is strategically designed to accommodate a variety of postures and gestures, encouraging the wearer to truly “own” their look. Tailored T-shirts and linen knits transition seamlessly into outerwear options, while mesh and printed polos add a touch of sensuality. The singular “Mocassin” loafer completes the look, embodying a carefree Italian summer attitude.

A Symphony of Textures and Colors

Neutral hues like Bianco Zegna and Sorgente blue create a foundation, accented with pops of Terracotta and Ortensia. This chromatic palette beautifully complements the rich textures of linen (from lightweight canvas to ultra-fine weaves) alongside cotton, silk, and even mohair/silk blends. Soft, capacious suede bags complete the look, adding a touch of timeless elegance.

A Celebration of Imperfections

The “Oasi of Linen” refers not just to the fabric but also to the concept of a flourishing oasis within an industrial space. This metaphor extends to the concept of individuality. Just like the metallic flax plants, no two pieces are perfectly alike, reflecting the wearer’s unique style and personality. The Ermenegildo Zegna Spring Summer 2025 collection celebrates both the beauty of imperfection and the endless possibilities of luxurious linen.