Oasi Zegna Drives Sustainability in Luxury Fashion, Pledging Full Traceability

Oasi Cashmere isn't just about fabric; it's about values. It's about creating beautiful products that mirror the beauty of their origins.

What began as a vision over half a century ago has evolved into Zegna’s triumphant journey towards sustainability, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero waste. The journey commenced in the 1930s with the launch of Project Oasi, a sprawling nature reserve spanning over 100 kilometres from Trivero to the peaks of the Biella Alps in northern Italy. From the innovative #UseTheExisting project, unveiled during the 2019 Winter Fashion Week, which focused on transforming fabric production waste into new products like recycled denim crafted from discarded fibres and threads to the 2023 summer collection fashion show held in an old mansion within Oasi Zegna.

In a world where every stitch makes a statement, Zegna’s dedication to sustainability is more than just a trend; it’s a profound journey. The essence of Oasi Zegna, a visionary concept born from the founder’s dream, continues to guide this iconic brand. Zegna, synonymous with timeless elegance, remains resolute on its remarkable path towards a more sustainable future.”

Oasi Zegna

The Vision: Oasi Zegna and Oasi Cashmere

Picture a world where every fashion path leads to Oasi Zegna. This ambition embodies a set of values that harmonize nature, tradition, and innovation. The brand’s ethos is clear: to cherish the past while steadfastly focusing on the future. This is what Zegna stands for.

Furthermore, it serves as a symbol of excellence in every aspect, reflecting the brand’s unwavering dedication to quality of life, sustainability, and a commitment to future generations. This ethos, cultivated over a century, continues to illuminate Zegna’s path in the present day.

Oasi Zegna

Now, these same values breathe life into the Oasi Cashmere collection. This collection not only mirrors Zegna’s principles but also infuses them with tangible materiality and captivating colours. Each fabric within this collection stands as a testament to Zegna’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its deep appreciation for the beauty of nature.

A Commitment to Traceability by 2024

Central to this journey towards sustainability is Zegna’s bold commitment. By 2024, every strand of cashmere fibre used in the Oasi Cashmere collection will be fully traceable. As masters of fabric, Zegna sources the world’s finest raw materials, and this commitment to traceability is a natural extension of its legacy.

Oasi Zegna

Moreover, Oasi Cashmere emphasizes the importance of finding eco-friendly materials while protecting nature’s beauty. Zegna’s vertically integrated business model ensures accountability from start to finish, respecting every link in the chain.

To authenticate their commitment, every product in the Oasi Cashmere collection will feature a QR code to enable you to trace the entire journey. From the cashmere farm to the store and even to the picturesque Oasi Zegna where the campaign was shot. It’s a journey that echoes Zegna’s humanistic values, emphasizing the interconnection between humanity and the environment.

A Quality Rooted in Values

Oasi Cashmere isn’t just about fabric; it’s about values. It’s about creating beautiful products that mirror the beauty of their origins. It’s about placing quality of life on par with product quality. Zegna believes that today’s actions shape the future, and Oasi Cashmere is a testament to this belief.

Oasi Zegna

This collection also seeks to become a symbol of traceability and accountability. By showcasing its cashmere that is responsibly sourced from remote farms worldwide and transformed through innovative manufacturing in Italy. Oasi Cashmere was born in Oasi Zegna, where values meet luxury.

Charting the Future: Oasi Cashmere and Sustainable Style

In any business, sustainability is not only critical but also necessary. Oasi Zegna is setting the standard for the premium apparel business, stitch by stitch. It also demonstrates that fashion and responsibility can coexist, and that luxury can embrace sustainability. As the journey towards 2024 unfolds, Zegna’s commitment to traceability will serve as a testament to their dedication to a better, more responsible world.

Fashion enthusiasts, Gen Z, and all those who appreciate the beauty of style and substance will also have a new reason to celebrate. Oasi Zegna is not just another collection; it’s a transformative force, steering fashion towards a sustainable future where beauty, quality, and ethics are not mutually exclusive.