Samsonite’s Unforgettable Journey Through Time as Your Passport to Travel Excellence

Embark on a voyage through rich heritage while exploring the future of travel innovations.

Picture a world where your luggage doesn’t just carry your possessions but also your adventures. In this realm, Samsonite stands as your unwavering companion, journeying with you through the corridors of time and space. With a heritage extending beyond a century, Samsonite has become the dependable choice for many explorers seeking the perfect marriage of sophistication and utility. Now, let’s embark on a journey through time as we delve into the “Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time” exhibition.

Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time

A Tribute to Legacy

The journey begins with a heartfelt homage to Samsonite’s rich heritage. “Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time” takes you on a visual tour, featuring iconic pieces from the 1930s onwards. It’s like a time capsule. Here, visitors can catch a glimpse into the brand’s evolution, from a luggage manufacturer to a revolutionary innovator. This exhibition also displays iconic products like Streamlite, Silhouette, Oyster, and the 4-Wheel Spinner, as well as their present-day signatures, C-Lite, Proxis, and Evoa. Each of these pieces represents a milestone in the brand’s journey and is also a testament to its commitment to being a leader in the industry.

Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time

Subrata Dutta, President of the APAC and Middle East at Samsonite, shares, “In the spirit of Samsonite, we embark on this voyage through our heritage and innovations. With Singapore as a leading international hub for business and technology, we believe it exemplifies our goal to provide smart travel solutions to travellers worldwide.”

In Pursuit of Quality

Samsonite’s dedication to quality and innovation is evident in every aspect of its products. This commitment is central to the “Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time” exhibition.

This pop-up event features three thematic installations. It begins with “Zero Gravity.” Here, visitors can experience the lightweight properties of Samsonite luggage. Models like Attrix and C-lite use Roxkin™ and Curv® materials for exceptional lightness.

Next up is the “Discover Durability” area. Here, visitors can test the resilience of Samsonite’s luggage using a large tumble wheel. This reinforces the brand’s promise of creating long-lasting products.

Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time

Finally, in the “Abstract Terrains” section, you can assess the wheels’ durability and manoeuvrability over various surfaces. An informative video also highlights the practicality and sturdiness of Samsonite luggage.

Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time

Kim HeeJeong, Senior Director for Marketing and Brand Strategy at Samsonite Asia, also expresses the brand’s philosophy: “We believe in crafting memories, stories, and experiences that accompany travellers on their most meaningful journeys. Through thoughtful design, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability, we are dedicated to enriching every step of any adventure.”

Where Timeless Craft Meets Futuristic Adventure

“Destination Samsonite: A Timeless Odyssey” evokes a sense of nostalgia as you encounter iconic pieces from throughout the years, some of which you might even own. Within this showcase, the century-old brand proudly underscores its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. From November 1st to 4th, 2023, you can explore the exhibition at the 72-13 Gallery on Mohamed Sultan Rd. (Simply register at Here, you’ll also discover how Samsonite seamlessly blends its rich heritage with cutting-edge design, where style seamlessly complements functionality, ultimately reshaping the very essence of travel.